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While we are going through stuff and figuring out what we may or may not be getting rid of (either by giving away or by trying to sell), and how...

What things/kinds of things might you guys be interested in that we might want to keep in mind?

I know I have clothes and shoes that are too big for me that I need to get sorted and such by size and style.

I know that we have other stuff we are going to try listing on ebay and see if we can sell, cause MAN do we have STUFF. Some of it worth something to someone somewhere.

I know we have a bunch of video tapes we have to sort out, cause I have no desire to keep any that we have on DVD.

We may be culling some random camping stuff. Or some extra random kitchen stuff.

SO yeah, just using LJ as a method for tracking possible interest in stuff. Cause if you have ever mentioned an interest in something of ours I very likely won't remember and at least here it will be for me to reference. And please try to be realistic in expressing covetousness - the purpose of this is is not a "pie in the sky" kind of thing.
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So Cruz and I are finally starting, in little bits, to try to clean out some of the tons of crap we have. Cause we just don't have room for it all, or even really need it all.

If you are interested in any of the stuff that will trickle onto my LJ over the next few months, post a reply. First come, first served.

So we are starting with our VHS tapes - we are wanting to get rid of any that are dupes for DVD's we have.

Up for grabs currently are the following tapes:

Dark Shadows (VHS) #5 - 15 (that's 11 tapes) asking $20 for the set or best offer. Would prefer not to break it up.

Legend (VHS) asking $3

If you live near me at all we can arrange a hand off. I can take PayPal. I wanted to put this here cause eBay will likely be more trouble than it's worth for these.
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But the pants I bought a month ago are falling off. I am wearing my belt at the smallest notch and it barely keeps my pants up AND I cannot find my leather punch.




I just HAD to share. Cause man, if I thought I had NO ass a month ago? Heh - I have even less ass now. I've only lost about 10 pounds in the last month (it's slowed down a lot) but it seems to all be in the ass cause that's where my pants have decided that a couple extra yards that get to flap in the breeze are a good thing.


REALLY don't want to go buy more pants - may have to knuckle under and unburry my sewing room so I can alter stuff.

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So yesterday I went to Costco - had to pay our annual membershp fees and spend our nifty rebate (we're executive members).

So I went and grabbed the Dyson vacuum I've been coveting for YEARS (more on the amazing dyson later). I also found that they have various colors of sheep skins: white, off white, red and BLACK. So I got two black ones, cause they won't show the dirt when camping as bad. And I picked up two DVD's, V for Vendetta and Elizabeth I (the HBO mini series with Helen Mirren - which was really good).

And whilst trudging down the aisles I came upon the aisle where they have scales - and I stepped on the demo scale. Now if it is to be believed I was 302.4 yesterday - 2.5 pounds from my second weight loss goal of being under 300. Wow - 7 weeks post op and I've lost upwards of 45 pounds! It's still not real to me - I can barely see any difference, even in the before and after pics (we're taking new after pics next week). Hopefully if I can keep my water up, my sugar down, and get more exercise I can break 300 by my 8 week post op day. THAT would be cool.

So anyways - I get home, fiddle about a bit, and then assemble the Dyson (amazing self control I tell you). And all I vacuumed was the 4 feet of hallway between our kitchen and the office - and there is like a INCH of dirt in the collection bin on the thing. WOW... from just a few feet of carpet! Yeah - Dysons work. I may actually be able to do something about all the gunk and dust that's making Cruz miserable.


I really didn't want to be quite that spendy so soon after getting my new laptop - but the Costco rebate helped a lot. And Cruz's allergies have been so bad the last few months I just couldn't NOT spend the money and get the precious!
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A couple more things we don't need/want...

1. A set of two black coated wire "in & out" baskets that are stackable.

2. A brand new brita pitcher with a filter and an extra pack of 3 filters.

The first person to say something gets it (the usual disclaimers about ease of getting things to you apply).

EDIT - all items listed here are claimed. Thank you for playing.
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So tomorrow I go in and they stick a teeny camera down my throat and look at the inside of my stomach. I have to fast from Midnight on - and I ate too damn much tonight. *ow* I don't do that very often, but MAN when I do.... *ow*

Tomorrow afternoon I will be home, and hoping to be able to go to 9Sisters Black Cycle. It's not that there is a lot to recover from - it's just that the doctors don't want me doing much while the various drugs they will give me (to make me not notice the camera) are working their way through my system.

I should have my surgery date before the end of the month. I am hoping to schedule it the first week of May so that I can do Month End for April, and then return to work first week of June, so that I can do Month End for May. That would make BayCon the last bit of time off I would have while recuperating. I know doing the Con whilst on such a restrictive diet will be interesting, but I just want this over with. And I am sorry - BayCon does not some first when my health is the issue. For once I am putting me first - yes you can all take a breath and mark it in your calendars, I am putting me first. Don't get used to it, it doesn't happen all that often. :P

In fact it may start happening more often - in fact it will HAVE to. WLS is major surgery - it changes major things in major ways. It will force me to pay more attention to ME - to keep from getting all the bad post-op problems.

If this surgery isn't the near to the top ultimate clue to start prioritizing and paying attention to how I part out my highly valuable time, I don't know what is. Things may have to change a lot in my life - I may have to let go of some thigns, walk away from some other, or just simplify and distance myself for my own good.

On a day to day basis I am so DONE. I think that is why I indentify with Anat so much (see the user icon on this post) the Phoenician Goddess of Sacrifice. I can only give so much of myself and not get anything back. There comes a time when making others happy is not sufficient result to feed the self and the soul.

On a brighter note [ profile] maiandra will be our houseguest this Saturday night and Sunday morning she will be helping me to start listing stuff for sale on eBay. Perhaps I can not only get rid of some of the clutter and apron strings of the past, but even realize a bit of fundage from it too. There will be some bits of sewing stuff like a bunch of ancient patterns, some doll stuff, some Barbie stuff, some action figures (a good nubmer of Klingon ones most likely), perhaps some books, perhaps some holiday decorations (Xmas and Halloween for example), and anything else I can live without, place a value on, get a picture of, and describe sufficiently to list on eBay.

So that's me as of this evening. We'll see how I feel tomorrow after the Endoscopy and hopefully finding out the results of the tissue pathology from my D&C last Friday and the results of the abdominal ultrasound yesterday.
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The D&C is long over... I am feeling a bit crabby and tetchy, but otherwise fine. Looking forward to a weekend at home - we have so much to do it't not funny.

Having some money issues - need to knuckle down and put some stuff up on eBay. Yup - gonna sell some stuff. We'll see if I can master the art of listing stuff. I know it's not rocket science, and I managed it a couple of times before, a few years ago. But for some reason I have a good chunk of trepidation about it... *shrug* Frankly, I don't have the time to do any sewing even if there was anyone out there who could pay me to make things for them. I am so tired of being so busy, I really wish I had the time to sew for fun, or even for myself once in a while - but all of my time is eaten up by many things outside of myself. Someday I will come first in my own life.

Cruz and I also have to start sorting through stuff and may have some stuff to give away - so there may be the occasional "does anybody wnat such and such a thing?" posts here.


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