Jan. 8th, 2009


Jan. 8th, 2009 06:18 pm
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So - last night [livejournal.com profile] cruz531 was running a low grade fever. Not uncommon after surgery - in fact they state quite clearly to expect it and keep an eye on it. However, at one point it spiked to 101 and we both made the mental note to keep a closer eye.

This morning it was up and down but hit 100.1

Um no...

THEN he tells me that last night, on one of his self propelled trips to the bathroom, he noticed a "fizzy" feeling. He described it as "kinda like when you only partially open a soda can and squeeze it"... This feeling is mostly located around the large incision where they had the JP Drain in (this item continues to baffle the doctors and the PA's).

Um no...

AND The Norco they gave him for pain isn't hardly helping. He took a dose at 8:30am, and is supposed to take it every 4 hours for pain. By 10am it had worn off. THIS does NOT bode well.

So he calls the surgeons office - their response? "How soon can you come in?"

So we get over there and they admit him. Urine and blood tests all came back fine, but showing his potassium as a little low so they are adjusting for that with his IV fluids. The surgeon wants a chest Xray. He is apparently a model patient on the incentive spirometer but they are taking NO chances with his Asthma history vis a vis his lungs.

Another good thing is that one of the PA's from the surgeons office went and found the surgeon and brought him in to take a look. He poked, prodded and palpated - His belly is soft (and that is a good thing). It means that at least some of the gas buildup has processed out.

They gave him IV morphine to drop his pain from a rating of 9+ to 3/4 and he was able to get up and start walking (which helps the body to process out the toxins of the anesthesia and such).

Now I get to haggle with the insurance about whether or not this counts as a whole new admittance for the purposes of charging us the $250 hospitalization copay. Cause MAN we CANNOT afford TWO of those. When I called them today their systems were down and all the lady could tell me for sure is that if he were discharged and readmitted within the SAME day, it would not count as two visits. When I asked "what about if it's less than 24 hours or even less than 18 hours later cause they let him go home too soon?" She said she did not know. So I get to call back tomorrow. But this? THIS is money we REALLY don't have.

I am now going to finish what is sitting in front of me and currently passing for food, drink my Iced Coffee, and work on some stuff that has gone languishing due to various things eating my focus this week.

Hopefully he will come home, again, tomorrow. There is no telling until then however.


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