Jan. 3rd, 2009

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So will the rest of the week - right now at work it's not only month end, but year end for me.

And now we have a whole new twist to things that are trying to make my head explode - no matter how good they are.

My sweetie, [livejournal.com profile] cruz531, finally got approved for and is having his Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery on Monday, January 5th. It will be at Summit Hospital in Oakland and he will have the same surgeon I had (which helps with his confidence and stress levels amazingly). It should be laparoscopic - but they will switch to open if it is necessary.

He has been doing really well with the pre-op diet and has visibly lost more weight (as well as trackably per the scale) and every little bit he loses is good as it increases the various positive outcomes of the surgery - starting with making it through. But this is not a diet that can be done long term without the help of a tool like the surgery - 600-800 calories a day, mostly liquids is crazy hard.

His procedure is scheduled for 1pm with check in at 10:30am. He could easily be in surgery until 7pm or longer. By the time he is out of both surgery and recovery and into a room it will be well past visiting hours, so trying to see him Monday may be difficult.

I HAVE to go to work Monday morning. No choice really - but I will be coming home to get him and take him to the hospital and will be at the hospital the whole time. His mother has indicated she wants to come and wait with me, but she has been very sick for a couple of weeks now with something she cannot shake and she really should NOT be at the hospital. And it will make me crazier and not be helpful to me.

Unlike when I was in for my surgery I do not think I will be sleeping at the hospital (like Cruz did) as my body just won't let me do that (and they may not let me do that). And I have to work as much as possible this week due to month & year end. But I will be there as much as I possibly can be.

I will be calling family once he is out of surgery and recovery and in a room. I will be posting when/where I can further details as I have them. Burning up my phone with calls may or may not be helpful - so please keep in mind that he will very likely may not be able to answer his phone and that I may not be at the hospital to have the most current update.

He should be released to come home by Thursday, unless he is super special like me and has some odd thing pop up on Thursday while trying to get ready to go home that makes them say "Uh no, you're staying one more day". We should be home Friday at the latest.

More info as I have it. Good thoughts, lit candles, best wishes for a speedy recovery, all are welcome.


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