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Getting this out of my head here in LJ as it will post to my FB notes. I know I have barely posted here, I find the fly-by-night nature of FB currently is more suited to how I can operate. But I will try to be better for longer things.


This past weekend was US time due to our anniversary. And we spent time on the house.

Next weekend is chock full of con stuff (both days) so Friday evening will be devoted to prepping for that.

Third weekend is a little more con stuff (including Friday), a big event for two dear friends and then packing for the trip down south.

We're going to my Sister's in Oceanside for Turkey Day (Since she and I have not had a Turkey Day together in over a decade). And then that weekend is LosCon at the LAX Marriott. It's also the 6 month out mark for BayCon and the just under 3 month out mark for PantheaCon. Really, I am NOT panicking.


The first weekend is some con planning stuff (again both days) and one friends birthday and another friends anniversary. Not that I expect to be doing stuff with either of them specifically, more of a mental note to myself.

Second weekend is the beginning of Hannukah and possibly some con related holiday stuff.

Third weekend is Mother's Night with a friend (I get to use my new chocolate mold that makes skeleton keys) and Yule (I figure there will be some wandering caroling in there somewhere if I don't get a cold AGAIN this year and can actually be outside singing).

And then Christmas, which is just far enough out that I am not quite thinking about it... yet.... but I know it's there. I just wish we had a house where WE could host people. I get so tired of no tree, and no holiday time at home, and having to impose on others. I keep telling myself "someday" but with each passing year I believe it less and less.


It looks like New Years will be up at Greyhaven, which we have not managed to attend in a couple of years. And 12/31 is a Blue Moon on top of it so it could be a lovely night. And then later that weekend more con stuff since PantheaCon is President's Day weekend.

That's it for now. Off to play Wiz 101 for a bit.
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So - something I started doing two years ago was baking cookies and giving them to the guys who work out in the freezing cold in the Boat yard I work at. I give each of them 6 cookies - and considering there have been 24 people to make cookies for that means baking at least 12 dozen cookies. It actually means baking more cause I cannot always remember which baking sheets always burn the cookies without parchment paper, or which ones are sideways, or even to reset the timer, and I end up having overdone ones that go to Cruz. Yeah, he HATES that.

This year I am baking extra cause I want to give some folks in the Alameda yard cookies. Tonight I got about 10 dozen cookies done (5 dozen chocolate chip and 5 dozen Heath Bar bits). I need to make at least another 10 dozen.

I need to do some double chocolate ones tomorrow - and I have an EVIL plan. I like to make "reverse" chip cookies - you know where the cookie is chocolate and it has white chips? Well - when you add macadamias to those they get really yummy.... However, my evil plan is to use teh Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder to make the cookies chocolate and to use the Hersheys add in mix of Special Dark chips and Macadamias...... awwww yeah baby.....

And then I get to take the goodie bags I got at Michaels and bag up multiple half-dozens of cookies. And give them out on Friday when the boys get their paychecks.

I just thought I would post something random and not health related for once.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy solstice - I know ours isn't so I am hoping that someone we know gets our share this year.


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