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To everyone...

I hope the food coma doesn't last too terribly long.

We slept like 12 hours last night. We got up at 4:30 yesterday to get here in time (just in case traffic was extra *special* since it's taken us over 4 hours to get here in the past) and ended up getting here by 9:15 (2 hours is not bad at all). Yesterday was a LONG day but we got to meet [ profile] cruz531's little sisters serious sweetie (which was the main point of getting up here - apparently she was majorly stressed about us meeting him, but he's nice so no worries so far).

So I hope that you all had a reasonably good day.
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So this past Turkey Day Cruz and I went up to spend a couple of days with his Dad and some siblings. We spent a lovely day with his Dad and his step-mom, his older step-brother (and his son and girlfriend), his younger step-sister (and her husband and three children) and his younger half-sister. Sadly his little brother (and his wife and daughter) could not be there.

We stayed over through late Friday and we went to see "Enchanted" with the 'rents and the oldest nephew. Cruz and his dad actually got to spend a little time talking and hanging out, which almost never happens when we go to visit cause it's usually such a quick trip we don't have time for extra visiting. Having that time was lovely, Cruz was just really happy all the way home.


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