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So - to continue with the theme of getting rid of stuff... err.... crap.... oh heck... This is partly to see if anyone out there on my FL is interested in any of this, and also to get a list of some sort together for myself.

Anyways - I am in possession of several things, many of which I am not so certain I could sell on ebay (or it would be more trouble than it is worth in some instances) so I will talk about a few things here and see if anyone might be interested or have an idea of who to talk to to get rid of stuff.

Things I would like to sell if possible - preferably to someone who would love them (I know some of these are actually rather valuable and yes I am looking at possibly listing some of these on ebay - I have been looking at the auctions to see what I might get for some of this):
*A small F**k ton of collectible card game cards - almost complete sets of a few. All have been kept in card pages in binders since I got the cards. Some of the games are as follows (this is from memory, so I might miss one): Magic (I still have my Alpha deck with a Shivan dragon as well as tons of various add on sets), Star Trek (almost complete set plus bunches of bits of the various expansion packs), The Crow (almost complete set plus foil specials), Vampire (the original set, almost complete), and there a few others.

*Dolls and Action figures - I have various still in the box barbie dolls (a fairy, some of the princess of the world, some Kelly, some halloween, etc). I also was working on collecting all the Klingon action figures I could find (there are a couple I will be keeping) - few to none of these are in boxes. They were all on display at one time or another. I kept their accessories together and cut out anything interesting from their packages. I also have the odd other doll, some still in boxes and some not (like a Harry Potter and a Hermione, both like 9 or 10" tall). I also have a small bunch of loose barbie accessories (shoes, and bits and bobs). Also have the 12" take apart C3P0 and the 12" Aurra Singh from Star Wars (these are both mint in box). I also have a TON, and I *DO* mean TON of dolls from the Ashton Drake Galleries, from their "Gene" line. Dolls and outfits and stuff (a good chunk of this will end up being listed on ebay methinks - but you never know when a friend will be a closet collector).

*A couple pairs of shoes. I have one pair of mens black Dansko clogs in size 44 (I think) that I just cannot wear. I have worn these a good bit, but they should work for someone else. I may think that clogs are some of the sexiest shoes in the world (OK so I am weird, deal), but that doesn't mean they like my feet or my current weight. I also have a pair of black slip on wedge-like heels that I wore all of *once* that are, I think, a women's size 10. If anyone would like to me to double check sizing on these, just ask.

*Some large size (3X-ish) clothes. Some of them are Sayz Who? and some aren't. I just haven't worn these or there is not room in my closet, or both.

More things I would like to get rid of (not a lot of detail here - this is a quick and dirty brain dump):
*A goodly chunk of my VHS collection. I have some Disney tapes, as well as a small chunk of the original Star Trek (2 episodes per tape), and some other stuff. Of people are interested in which ones I am willing to part with speak up and I will make a list and post it here (to begin with it will be stuff I have on DVD that is duplicate stuff). Sorry but my *still sealed* "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Accross the 8th Dimension" stays with me. :) And until I get a copy on DVD so does my copy of "Nomads" cause ya know what? Adam Ant steals the whole gorram movie and doesn't event have a single line to say. Ahem... yeah he rocks and I LOVE that movie. AND the book is a good read too (thanks [ profile] buttler I STILL have the book you gave me - one of the bestest presents I got EVAR!!!).

*Misc books - off the top of my head I have some rather colorful self affirmation books by "SARK" that I don't want any more (dunno if anyone here is familiar with her stuff, she wrote "Eat Mangoes Naked"). There may be more books as I really LOOK at what I have.

*Various and sundry oldish computer software - mostly games.

I know there's not a lot of detail here - but I can do lists if people are interested. There's just so much that doing a list for every category I don't have time for. So I post a quick note, and will respond with details as I can.
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Hi all - so [ profile] cruz531 and I are starting to pare down the crap we own (it's not all actually *crap* perse, but when you have this much *stuff* the word *stuff* just doesn't seem to cover it all).

So - with that in mind we are starting with some older, but still useful, stuff we have that is the result of being displaced by wedding presents. We just found the box we put most of this stuff in the other day. I know that a couple of our friends may be able to use some of this, so first to speak up means first to get it. Of course, then there will be the issue of getting things to people. If you don't live close enough to meet up I can ship it to you if you are willing to foot the postage.

As we continue to sort through stuff I will be listing some stuff on ebay if I think it's worth a shot at selling and the rest will be listed here, hopefully to go to a shiny new home and be used and loved.

Ok - on to the list:

Knife set in wooden block - It's one of those "ever sharp" sets that's serrated and you don't need to sharpen. The only piece that's missing is the scissors (kitchen sissors don't live long in my house - but you can get a new pair at Ikea for like $2). They have a natural wooden knife block and black plastic handles. There are multiple food prep/slicing knives as well as 6 steak knives.

A small (roughly 4x6 inches) metal thawing plate. Needs its feet glued back on.

White plastic Melamine pasta server

1 Qt nonstick saucepan with lid (outside is forrest green)

Tea Kettle

Set of three small white plastic funnels - graduated sizes

Pair of Nonstick Ikea frying pans (silver on the outside) one 8" and one 10"

One Pyrex glass 10.5" frying pan - amber colored (these were made in violet and amber)

One 12" nonstick frying pan (green on outside)

One 11" square low sided nonstick frying pan (green on outside)

I know at one point [ profile] maiagirl was interested in the knife set - and she has dibs on it for now. If you don't want it any longer please let us know.

[ profile] perlandria I have no forgotten that you want our old kitchen/dining table (the one that folds down to roughly 7" accross and gets out of the way nicely). We just need to coordinate a time for you to get it.

So - if anyone wants any of this stuff speak up. If not we'll figure out how to get rid of it - the knife set may be tricksy.


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