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So today was get up and get some stuff done day. It was supposed to be clean the house day, but [ profile] cruz531 managed to tweak his shoulder so that's not happening. We put a pain patch on his neck and shoulder before we left the house and plugged a heating pad into the car for him to cook on while I drove.

We got out to San Pablo to deal with something MART related. And went to Costco on our way back...

Filled the gas tank on the car for $2.239 a gallon WOOT!

I was very good and resisted getting both Hellboy II: The Golden Army and KungFu Panda. But it was a close call.

We are home. I am bored OUT OF MY MIND and [ profile] cruz531 is now napping on more heat, having taken a painkiller cocktail.

I am feeling very selfish today and just want all my friends to be online so I can talk to them. I know it's a) not practical and b) not gonna happen.

See this? This is the face of me NOT CARING... want to be hanging out with folks and doing crafty stuff and NOT having a broken sweetie. grrr...

Oh and we have vermin in the house, at least one smallish gray field mouse has moved in and is driving us nuts. We have moved and repacked the foodstuffs it can get into and have put out "tip traps" baited with peanut butter (I HATE slap traps, but WILL use them if these don't work).

What else...? Oh yeah, our Netflix came yesterday - "Bridge to Terabithia" and I have heard tell from a couple of friends that they have not seen it so I may take it over there for an evening of movie fu. Just not Tuesday, since we are trying to set that evening aside for working on Con stuff. We were supposed to do that WEEKS ago, and yeah, it's gone pretty well so far... NOT.

I was gonna clean the house and bake today but that's a little difficult right now.

On the upside Bones Season 3 comes out in two days... GLEE.


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