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At my work in Richmond we have a position open for an Admin & Accounting assistant. This person answers the phones, keeps the A/R & A/P filed, and will be trained up in a number of small but critical tasks that assist me.

We need more than a receptionist with an interest in learning some bookkeeping. Because I don't have the time to train someone in GAAP and the basic principles of ledgers and such. We basically need a bookkeeper who does not feel that also being the receptionist is beneath them. I need someone who can wrap their heads around job costing and can track the differences between direct and indirect materials as well as taxable vs. non-taxable items. There are some things I need this person to be able to do so I can hand some things off and not work myself into the ground only to find that I am STILL behind and getting more and more behind every day.

My boss will take my recommendations but will not consider anyone who lives farther away than Hayward. Mainly cause he doesn't want someone commuting that far and being beat to hell by the commute by the time they get to work added to them having NO paycheck left by the time they buy enough gas to get here and home again every day. He also has a preference for people with some level of longevity in previous employment. Bilingual English/Spanish would be nice, as would some sort of marine or boating background.

Personality is also critical here as there are a lot of different people to juggle and it can get very crazybusy and tense.

Additionally we are not really near public transit so having ones own transportation is more than a good idea (tm) - especially in winter.

We have interviewed two candidates so far that have been sent in from a search firm but neither have pinged as right. And sadly my first choice from direct referral self selected out and my next choice is happy at her current position. So I am putting this here. I've wracked my brain and cannot think of anyone else.

This person does not only work closely with me, they share an office with me. So this is a big thing.

If you or anyone you know is actually QUALIFIED for this, please speak up. We've gotten flooded with applicants that are people looking for "a job, any job" and who are not at all qualified. We don't need any more thanks.

I can post the job outline if need be.
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While I have no idea how much weight I have lost, if any, I HAVE lost size.

Yesterday, for my big day out, I wore a tencel (non stretchy) tank top that the week before my surgery was TIGHT. And yesterday? It was LOOSE - like grab a handful and shake it loose. Whee

So today I dug out a favorite rayon dress of mine that recently was also WAY too tight - and it fits again and has room to move.

So like I said I have at least lost size.

I won't know what I have lost weight wise until I see my surgeon on Tuesday morning.

Now if my back would stop hurting like a sunnofabitch I'd be MUCH happier.

And man it is hot today - I have an icepack sitting on my head cause I don't deal with heat very well and was getting to that not coping and edge of whinging space, which I cannot stand. So yeah - ice pack on head is my friend. Ahh - MUCH better.

Get another big day out next Sat cause it's the WesterCon 60 kick off BBQ and yep, you guessed it, [ profile] cruz531 and I are cooking. There won't be much there I can eat sadly - but I will take some stuff with me and just try to enjoy smelling all the yummy stuff. Luckily by the time of the BayCon kick off BBQ in August I could be on pretty much regular food, just teensy amounts.

During the evenings this week [ profile] cruz531 is gonna try to start teaching me CAD stuff so I can help with the outside detailing he's doing, cause the quicker it gets done? The quicker he gets paid AND the quicker we get more work. Rather a nice roundabout that. Having this extra work will be VERY helpful - it will at the least cover our new computers - cause MAN are we both multiple years behind with what we are using now. And we are gonna get a real vacuum cleaner - we're gonna splurge on a Dyson. After those purchases we're gonna split it between saving up for a moving fund (cause we still wanna get out of here) and paying off our huge debt so that we're paying out less on payments and can thusly actualy afford more rent.

I really hope that we can get ourselves out of the debt hole soon - both our cars will be paid off in 5 years and I am hoping to get all our debt paid off on or before then too. It gives me a goal and a timeline - and of course as debts get paid off the money that was being used to pay that debt can be rerouted to other debts to accelerate their payoff - so it could be less than 5 years. But we have a 5 year (at the outside) goal. Once our debt is reduced by half we can seriously start looking to buy a house. But that is a ways off and is not an additional debt hole we want to get ourselves into just yet. Two years ago we got pre-approved for a $400k loan but there was no way we could afford the payments on the debt we already had AND a house payment. So we reality checked ourselves and realized that we need to get rid of a good chunk of debt as well as save up a good chunk before buying a house is realistic. We're working on it - but it will take time. The outside work [ profile] cruz531 has will hopefully help - we just have no idea how much more there is. It could be a lot, it could be a little, but whatever it is, it's welcome.


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