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Hey - we have an unopened bottle of Opti-Free Express Multi Purpose Disinfecting Solution - the exp date on the bottle is Nov of 2009. Cruz got new contacts and he cannot use this solution with them so it's up for grabs (within reason of course, we have to be able to hand it off somehow, right?).

Anyone want it? With money the way it is for everyone right now, we would hate to toss it.
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OK - we got through the VHS to DVD comparison.

I am going to post the list of VHS tapes that are dupes to what we have in our DVD collection or are ones we just don't want/need anymore.

*EDIT* The Only ones left are the workout tapes at the end of the list.

If you are one of those crazy people who still has a VCR and wants any of them simply speak up and it's yours. And yes we are some of those crazy people who still have a VCR - we're just trying to reduce some of the extra clutter fu in our house.

So, The Caveats:

*If you live near us where we may see you and can HAND them to you then they are yours free and clear. They will get to you quicker if you come and get them from us, as us trying to get them TO people right now is dicey for many reasons. The next 10 - 12 weeks is BEYOND crazy for us right now.

*If you are far away (i.e., where we CANNOT see you face to face) I ask that you cover shipping. We will figure that out later.

Now onto the list - I will break these into categories (some rough). Most of these tapes have actually not been viewed all that much, I will note special things where I can.

Animated )

Not-Animated/Fantasy/Romance )

Not-Animated/SciFi/etc )

workout tapes )
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Wow - with the tired. Sitting down for a minute and need to sort out thoughts while tanking some water (been not too good about it today - *hush* I am fixing that whilst updating here).

We have gotten over half of the storage unit cleared out and mostly into the attic over the kitchen. We're both feeling super silly about paying for a storage unit for a while now when there was literally storage *right over our heads*.... uh yeah... not always smart.

We are trying to get out of the storage unit by Weds (the end of the month) cause we really cannot afford it for another month. And after Mon 1/5 my sweetie will not be allowed to lift anything over 10ish pounds for about 6 weeks. So if we don't manage this by this weds then we will be stuck paying for some sort of storage unit for at least 2-3 more months. Uh no - he's too stubborn for that. :)

We think we have gotten enough stuff condensed and sorted and rearranged (and stuffed into the attic) that we can manage this. Time will tell - especially this week.

One thing we will be doing shortly is sorting through our VHS tapes. Anything that we have on DVD we will be wanting to get rid of the VHS copy of. I will likely be posting something here about what we want to get rid of, as there is at least some duplication. I don't know how many of you still even HAVE VCR's but it won't hurt to put it out there.

Found a scary box of old financial stuff from 1993... some hard memories in there. A few of you will understand what I am talking about.

We got the amazing lego collection of DOOM into the attic. As well as the Xmas ornaments that we just cannot use living in such a TINY place. I find it amusing that the many more boxes of halloween stuff get to stay out of the attic though - heh. But I had a few "I miss Xmas" moments whilst repacking them. It's been over 10 years since I had a tree and decorated in any way really - and the last one that WAS in this house was an amazing fiasco of dumbass roomate power play politics that rather soured me to them for a good while.

And wow am I scared of how many books we own. Nuff said there.

I have now finished my large glass of water and will wrap this up. I hope the holidays were at least kind to all. There is a much more important update forthcoming - but we're rather crazed with chores and errands and such right now. So if we seem to be off the radar for a little bit that is why.

Now - off to get what is likely the last bit of STUFF into the attic. I just hope it all fits.
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I am wondering cause we have at least one set, if not two sets, of gently used sheets in king size from when Cruz had a king size water bed. They were both brand new shortly before he moved into my place, where there is NO chance of a King sized bed fitting (like EVER).

So if anyone has a king sized bed and would like at least one set of sheets please speak up - they have both been washed as of today in scent free and dye free detergent w/ no fabric softener.

First Set: Confirmed King Size via tag on sheet. Bottom sheet is multi-colored in jewel tones green/gold/purple/blue, top sheet is blue w/ gold trim at the top edge, and the pillow cases match the top sheet.

Second Set: I have to double check the sizing, but I am pretty certain it's king sized too. Bottom sheet is cream/white with hunter green & burgundy plaid striping (NOT spaced close together, actually kinda far apart), and the top sheet is hunter green as are the pillow cases (I have to figure out which two of the multiple green pillow cases we have are the right two).

If no one wants them no worries, they'll be kept as fabric - I even have tentative plans for some of it. But I figured I would say something here.

EDIT: Sheets are at their new home. YAY!!
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While we are going through stuff and figuring out what we may or may not be getting rid of (either by giving away or by trying to sell), and how...

What things/kinds of things might you guys be interested in that we might want to keep in mind?

I know I have clothes and shoes that are too big for me that I need to get sorted and such by size and style.

I know that we have other stuff we are going to try listing on ebay and see if we can sell, cause MAN do we have STUFF. Some of it worth something to someone somewhere.

I know we have a bunch of video tapes we have to sort out, cause I have no desire to keep any that we have on DVD.

We may be culling some random camping stuff. Or some extra random kitchen stuff.

SO yeah, just using LJ as a method for tracking possible interest in stuff. Cause if you have ever mentioned an interest in something of ours I very likely won't remember and at least here it will be for me to reference. And please try to be realistic in expressing covetousness - the purpose of this is is not a "pie in the sky" kind of thing.
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One load to the storage unit.... wow LOTS of books. Yes I know I own a LOT, but MAN when they have been boxed up for so long you kinda forget how many you have. Not a large load as the car was half full of glass recycling. Which, sadly, we could NOT get rid of cause two of the three places here on the island were closed and the third was full and could take no more glass.

Though I have now confirmed that yes, I DO indeed own TWO copies of Brisingamen. YAY. And one has been pressed into the hands of [ profile] cruz531 so that he can read it and I can keep one to KEEP so that I have one for always and ever. I also found much of the rest of my cache of DLP books and my set of MZB books in Japanese that she herself gave me for roughly my 11th or 12th birthday. I am currently of the opinion that I have some very neat books and I very much look forward to getting back to reading them for a second, third, fourth, or in some cases fifth+ time.

We are taking a quick break and will shortly again throw ourselves at the house and going through boxes and figuring out which ones are going to storage tomorrow - the goal is to get at least three loads of stuff out of the house. The storage unit is really only about half full at most so with some restacking and such we have space to work with. I really like the unit we have at the facility - it's right under a skylight AND one of the few electric lights is over our roll up door. SCORE! Oh and it's an indoor facility so if it's damp and rainy we can be dry.

Speaking of the storage facility, while we there I was looking at what was open and noticed that there was one that was THREE times the size of ours. *SIGH* The simple thought of actually being able to clear out the whole damn house and literally being able to move things back in one piece at a time? Really fracking attractive - albeit impractical on many levels too.

Some critical errands got done - like purchasing some of my vitamin supplements that I was almost out of and we got to our PO Box. So tomorrow we can focus on the house and getting the glass recycling with the first load.

Part of me REALLY wants to fart around and waste time and just play Puzzle Pirates tonight. But a LOT of today got lost cause we did not prep - so tonight is prep for tomorrow. Or at least SOME prep.

Keep eyes here for random posts about things I may be trying to get rid of, or ideas for sorting/organizing, etc. I am pretty good at sorting things out but this place has gotten more than a little overwhelming.

Oh and I have iced coffee, and will shortly have a guiness brownie - so you may all live. For now.... :)
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Do you want a pot holder? scary )

I still have this and I don't want it any more.

If anyone has an unreal love of the 80's (and yes this is from then) and wants this, speak up. First to speak up gets it. It's a triangle that's about 9" on each side and the plastic hanging piece on the top is purple.

I'm still kinda shocked I still have this...

Edit: And it's clean - it just came out of the wash.


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