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Just because I want to capture them somewhere...

These two pictures are from Sunday night at PantheaCon, when I got a bit dressed up for dinner in the fancy restaurant with a group of friends:

I am wearing a size XL crinkle dress from Lotus Traders, SIZE XL!!!!! Wow.... And a leather corset that is, IIRC, a size 36 or possibly a 34 (the waist of the corset itself when measured with the sides completely closed - and no, the sides do not close on me).

Then a candid of me from the wedding Saturday in the Lehenga and matching jewelry. Cruz took this real quick but there are other shots full length I hope to have soon.

Wow - what a difference 160 pounds lost makes.
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We cut because we care )
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I know today is one kind of anniversary for the entire world - but today is *my* 9 week post op anniversary. And I finally decided to take a good look at my before and after pics - cause most of the time I cannot see the difference.

So here they are for the curious. )

Now I am starting to see a difference. Especially in my face. I am roughly 5'10" (I say roughly cause my back is so bad my height actually changes depending on how frequently I see the chiropractor). My wedding ring is starting to be loose and I am wearing size 28 jeans instead of 32's, and am wearing 3x tops instead of tents. I don't know for certain how much I weigh as I have not been on a scale I remotely trust since early August when I had my one month check in with my surgeon. On 8/29 I got on a demo scale at Costco and it said 302.4 and I just now got on my cheesy old and never trusted it scale I have here and it indicated roughly 285 (it's an old rotary dial scale and they are notoriously innacurate). I have ordered a good digital scale that weighs in tenths of a pound and tracks body fat and BMI and such but it won't arrive til next week. I SO cannot wait!

My ultimate goal is 180 - and I have not until now remotely believed that it might be possible. As I have said before I will be happy with 220-240 (the user icon on this post is of me at 19 and roughly 240 pounds). I would LOVE to get back there - anything more is icing.

FYI: This has been cross-posted to [ profile] wls and [ profile] wls_pics - my apologies to my WLS friends for the redundancy.

Lap RNY 7/10/2006
Dr. Ajay Upadhyay
Summit Medical Center
Oakland, CA
(376) 347/302/180


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