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Wow - today I am TIRED, like I didn't sleep or nothin (but I did and even went to bed earlier than normal for me). Argh - I hate this.

* My scale at home said I am 269.6 pounds as of yesterday morning. That's 107 down from my highest and 78 since my surgery almost 4 months ago. That leaves 23 pounds to go in the next two months to reach my end of 2006 goal of being 100 pounds down since surgery. I might just make it.
* They found and fixed the stricture that was preventing me from eating or drinking much of anything. The opening between my pouch and my intestines was so small that they could not get the scope through and it took 4 baloons to stretch it to 12mm. I am now taking Prilosec to thwart any further excess scar tissue build up.
* Only missed one day of vitamins in the last couple of weeks.
* Getting better about my fluids and protein - mostly due to the stricture being fixed.
* Had salad for the first time in AGES last weekend and BOY was it GOOD. I missed it more than bread.
* Nioxin Scalp Treatment smells like ButterMints - *YUMMY*
* Starting to see the difference 100+ pounds makes. It's startling.
* My Klingon Costume, and many other of my fun costume/dress up clothes fit again - and they are all going to be too big soon! I sense alterations in my future. In addition to the Klingon costume I have two different victorian/civil war ball gowns, Rennaisance Germans (Landsknecht), two sets of Medieval Normans (which were made to measure for me but were too small by the time I received them), A Victorian Middle Class lady, several different fun bodices and skirts, and misc Rennaisance fantasy garb.
* Starting to feel comfortable with my new body - I would be OK if I didn't lose any more cause I could live with me where I am.
* Planning a couple of new costumes - primarily a Tribal Dancer (Turkish) and Norse/Viking garb - and I already have a bunch of the fabric for this. I am also planning on making a cotehardie and houpelande for the 12th Night Revel and attending for the first time in AGES (and making a houpelande for my husband).
* Starting to look at my extensive collection of Folkwear patterns to plan new clothes. I *LOVE* their stuff and could happily live out of a mix 'n' match wardrobe made from their patterns - and now I may just be able to fit into them!
* Got my period (only the second one in almost 4 months), but considering I have both PCOS *AND* Complex Hyperplasia? That's pretty good. The first one was heavy but short (a blessing actually)- we'll see how this one goes.
* I am currently wearing a pair of standard Army Green BDU camouflage pants - that I have had for almost 15 years and have not been able to get into in ALL of that time. WOOT! Sometimes being a packrat is useful.
* Not only do I have almost ONE chin and a jaw line AND cheekbones..... I also almost have COLLAR BONES.
* Started the process of stepping away from something that was eating my soul and my time and my energy and not giving anything back. I've got another month or so to wrap things up - but it is the right choice.
* I am starting to actually look like I see myself in my head (see the userpic on this post for reference). Almost every time I have looked in the mirror in the last 15 years there has been this cognitive dissonance as what is in the mirror has not matched what is in my head - the thing is if I am matching what's in my head now? How will I deal with it if I do get smaller? HHmm - going to have to ponder that one.
* My sister called me on Halloween! She lives in Illinois and I haven't seen her in like 2 years or more and almost never get to talk to her. We spent AGES on the phone and it really made my week.
* I am currently drinking V8 joice - and MAN is it good!

* More than half my hair has now fallen out and you can see my scalp through my hair quite clearly and I am starting to panic about losing it all (luckily I look good in a turban). We had to have RotoRooter come out and power snake the bathtub drain and they pulled out a chunk of hair the size of a small animal... *argh*. I wish it would stay on my head. I'm using Nioxin shampoo and scalp treatment and it doesn't appear to be helping. I also religiously clean out the drain trap after my shower - but lots got down there anyway. Now I have to figure out just how short I want to cut it. Gonna call my Hair Goddess on Monday when she's in.
* My costumes that currently fit will soon be too big - I may sail right past being able to wear them if I am not careful. And I have relatively few options for wearing the costumes any time soon. *SIGH*
* Even though the stricture is fixed - I am still eating pretty much the same stuff I was before it was fixed. And it's BORING - but I have not yet seen the nutritionist in my surgeons office and so have little clue as to what I could add to my diet.
* My father passed away last Sunday.
* I've been extra cranky this week.
* I haven't made it to Curves in like two weeks. Just been either too tired or too busy or too sad.

Ticker Time!!!

WOW!!! Almost half way to my goal! I honestly never thought that would happen. Next week is roughly
4 months since my surgery, and since I did before and afters at 2 months, I think it's a good time to do another set of afters. I'll post those next week.

Roux en Y with Gallbladder removal
July 10, 2006
Dr. Ajay Upadhyay, Oakland, CA
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So - my weight loss surgery is currently scheduled for June 12th. This will likely change and get pushed out depending on if I seem to be responding to the Metformin/Glucophage.

With the two week pre op diet that would mean I would be starting that super restrictive diet during the con. HHmmm... not certain what I think of that.

I saw my nutritionist yesterday, who I see at my PCP's office, so she had access to my last batch of test results from the 5 vials of blood they took 3 weeks ago (my endocrinologist ordered a complete metabolic panel on me). The nutritionist went over some of the results with me:

My TSH (third generation) is back up to 9.7something, which would apparently explain why I have been so damn exhausted. This exhaustion is one of the reasons I asked for the referral to the Endo in the first place. Back in October of last year my TSH (while on the SAME level of meds for it) was 2.74 - so I am wondering what the hell made it jump like that? So she has increased my meds from .125 to .175 and we will see how I do. For reference- the TSH and Thyroid function levels are an inverse relationship. The higher your TSH the LOWER your thyroid is functioning. So mine is not happy, again. Wheee. I have forwarded the scrip to the pharmacy and should be able to pick it up tomorrow.

My overall Cholesterol is 140. Historically my bad cholestrol has always been low - even in high school when I was MUCH MORE active than I am now it was like 160. My good cholesterol is a bit low for my doctor to be happy, but I am working on that.

My iron count is a bit low, with no reserves. Looks like I need to get off my butt and start taking my supplements again.

My fasting blood sugar is 79, with it being 122 two hours later after 75g of carbs *yuck*. No problems there.

My triglycerides - while still way too high, dropped about 20 points. SO yay me.

Apparently there is a congenital disease that has a tendency to mimic PCOS with most of it's symptoms. It's called "late onset congenital adrenal hyperplasia". She was trying to get me tested for that too - but the lab screwed up and did the wrong thing. So now I wait until they call me back to come in and retest.

My nutritionist doesn't want to see me again until after my surgery. She prolly thinks there's not much more she can do for me, and she's likely right. At some point I get to meet with the dietician at the surgeons office (which reminds me, I need to check on that).

As much as I hate paying the money - especially when we are broke - I will go to WW tonight for to be weighed and see if I have lost *anything* in the last two weeks. And hopefully I can deal with this exhaustion somehow - I've barely been able to get out of bed in the morning and stay awake at work, or even barely able to brush my hair, goind to Curves??? to EXERCISE????? HAH!!! NOT gonna happen. I am soo tired I would hurt myself. I am still squeezing in as many little extra bits of exercise I can. I just don't have the energy for 15+ minutes of "get up and go" cause I ain't got none.

'nuff for now.... just want a nap.


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