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Crossposted from FB (just in case the stupud LJ error I got was in, errrr, error and this did not post before):

Okay people - we love the fact that you love PantheaCon. With that said, you're gnna have to be a teensy bit more patient to get your room reserved. I just got an updated load date for the room block. Saturday Feb 27th is the hard date I have been given by our Event Manager at the Doubletree for when you can call in. You all can try calling on Friday the 26th, but don't expect too much. She confirmed for me that Friday is when they will be downloading the room info from one system to the other (hotels are rather archaic and have multiple systems that do not talk to each other without LOTS of poking and prodding). Hopefully this will go smoothly and you will all get to Ro-Sham-Bo for rooms by the end of the week!
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OK - so I am finally carving off part of my brain (ouch) for PCon.

I know a couple of people have mentioned being interested in working - either for me or someone else. Drop me a note at my email (if you know me well enough to have mentioned this to me then you have my email).

I have little brain right now and am tired tired tired.


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