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So - I feel the need for something lighthearted and not related to super serious stuff.

"Happy Feet" is coming to theaters Novemburrrrr 17th - and I am already making plans to go see it on IMAX with a friend who LOVES penguins. This should be fun. Especially since the Harry Potter trailer is exclusive to Happy Feet.

"Eragon" is coming to theaters December 15th - it's got Jeremy Irons and the dragon looks GOOD. The wings look like they might actually be able to lift the body of the dragon. From what I can see on the website he's PURTY.

"The Thief Lord" is out on DVD and I MUST get a copy - I mean REALLY... Alexei Sayle as Barbarossa? PERFECT!!!!

"Inkheart" yes it's in pre-production. Brendan Fraser as Mo/Silvertongue and Andy Serkis is doing something and I cannot wait to find out what. To be released next year. Oh MAN it looks good.

"His Dark Materials - The Golden Compass" in production now.... cannot wait. Opens November 16 next year.

Why yes, I LIKE juvenile fantasy fiction, especially GOOD juvenile fantasy fiction. I wish stuff of this quality had been around when I was actually in the are range it's targeted for.

Oh And "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on July 13th next year.

Possibilities for 2008 include: "Narnia - Prince Caspian", as well as the next Batman movie with Christian Bale "The Dark Knight", Indiana Jones 4 AND "Wolverine" with Hugh Jackman. *le happy sigh*

2009 could have "Magneto" with Sir Ian, and "The Prisoner"

Looks like an interesting couple of years movie-wise.
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So I just caught a commercial for the remake of The Wickerman (starring Nicholas Cage)- apparently it's opening September 1st.

Details here:

I'm not quite certain what to think...
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So yesterday evening I decided that I really needed a date with my sweetie. So we managed to grab the last matinee at The Grand Lake of "The Lake House". With money so tight right now, getting both of os into a movie for $12? I am ALL over that - especially since The Grand Lake installed decent seating, my ass hates them WAY less.

I actually liked it - Keanu Reeves being in didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out.

Granted - great huge parts of the plot were obvious early on, but it was still entertaining.

So yeah - not hating it cause of Keanu. Maybe he's finaly maturing and figuring out what acting is *scary thought*


Apr. 15th, 2006 09:33 pm
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Ok - so today I added "My Neighbor Totoro" to my DVD collection. I happen to love this movie...

This means my Miyazaki/Ghibli collection now includes:
Grave of the Fireflies
Kiki's Delivery Service
Castle in the Sky
Porco Rosso
Whisper of the Heart
My Neighbor Totoro
Spirted Away

That I know of, I am missing:
Princess Mononoke
The Cat Returns
Howl's Moving Castle


Totoro is in my DVD player now.



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