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So there we are watching the extras disk from the DVD set for Eragon and we hear an impact, like something falling or hitting the house. Cruz goes into the kitchen to see what fell cause from the office that's where it sounded like it came from. He finds nothing, and while I am prepping my salad for my dinner goes out onto the porch to see if something on the porch (like one of the hanging planters) has fallen. I notice that the porch light is burned out, and as he is outside looking around we hear rocks hitting the roof of the garage, the walls of the house and the porch and he is dashing back inside to avoid being hit.

I run out onto the porch and see that the back door of a commercial building on one side of our house (and perfectly situated to throw rocks from) is open. We each yell "What the HELL are you doing?" and Cruz climbs over to the garage roof but the door has closed. He comes back, puts on shoes and goes down the stairs to see what is going on. The person had come back out and claimed they had just gotten there and that it wasn't them. Meanwhile I notice that there are odd white things on the garage roof so I go get a flashlight and I can see EGG SHELLS and rocks that were not there when I got home this afternoon. I shine the light around the porch and see that there is egg on the stairs. I also notice that there is pretty much only shell on the garage roof, so I shine the light up the tower and can see where the egg hit, slightly above the loft room windows.

There are rocks on the garage roof, on the stairs and on the porch.

We think that the egg on the wall was the first thing we heard. Cruz thinks there was more than one egg, I don't know.

I called the police (the non emergency number) and they are sending someone at somepoint.

While I find it convenient that the back door of the other building was open when the second barrage came and closed when we yelled. The egg makes me think it might be our old crazy neighbor Jody cause she egged my car once when it was parked right in front of her apartment.

Cruz and I have been talking about moving. And if this keeps up we may have to. But we really cannot afford to. *ARGH*
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...and obtained some much desired stuff for my nephew who turns 4 next Weds (yes [ profile] jauncort this means I got all 4 items - now I just get to figure out how to pack them so that checking the suitcase isn't an immediate death sentence for the breakables).

I ALSO found the cutest wall sconces EVAR!

They look like torches and their product name is "Minnen Fackla"

Here they are on the UK Ikea web site, I could not find them on the US Ikea site, but the stores DO have them.

I got two, they were $14.99 each. Now [ profile] cruz531 gets to help me figure out where to put them. I am thinking in the bedroom.

I am also insane and thinking of getting more. *headdesk*

But MAN ***TORCHES***!!!!!


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