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Getting this out of my head here in LJ as it will post to my FB notes. I know I have barely posted here, I find the fly-by-night nature of FB currently is more suited to how I can operate. But I will try to be better for longer things.


This past weekend was US time due to our anniversary. And we spent time on the house.

Next weekend is chock full of con stuff (both days) so Friday evening will be devoted to prepping for that.

Third weekend is a little more con stuff (including Friday), a big event for two dear friends and then packing for the trip down south.

We're going to my Sister's in Oceanside for Turkey Day (Since she and I have not had a Turkey Day together in over a decade). And then that weekend is LosCon at the LAX Marriott. It's also the 6 month out mark for BayCon and the just under 3 month out mark for PantheaCon. Really, I am NOT panicking.


The first weekend is some con planning stuff (again both days) and one friends birthday and another friends anniversary. Not that I expect to be doing stuff with either of them specifically, more of a mental note to myself.

Second weekend is the beginning of Hannukah and possibly some con related holiday stuff.

Third weekend is Mother's Night with a friend (I get to use my new chocolate mold that makes skeleton keys) and Yule (I figure there will be some wandering caroling in there somewhere if I don't get a cold AGAIN this year and can actually be outside singing).

And then Christmas, which is just far enough out that I am not quite thinking about it... yet.... but I know it's there. I just wish we had a house where WE could host people. I get so tired of no tree, and no holiday time at home, and having to impose on others. I keep telling myself "someday" but with each passing year I believe it less and less.


It looks like New Years will be up at Greyhaven, which we have not managed to attend in a couple of years. And 12/31 is a Blue Moon on top of it so it could be a lovely night. And then later that weekend more con stuff since PantheaCon is President's Day weekend.

That's it for now. Off to play Wiz 101 for a bit.
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So tonight has resulted in...
Hazelnut & Butterscotch Chip

White Chocolate Chip & Macadamia

Chocolate Caramel Swirl Chip

Mint Chip in Special Dark Cookie

Double Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies - These have Extra Dark Chips (60% cacao) in Special Dark Cookie (45% cacao)

I have run out of tubs to put cookies in. I think we are done baking cookies.
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Cruz noticed that this particular cookie matches my tattoo...

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The Hamentaschen are happening...

Cruz found a jar of Pomegranate jelly in the fridge, and had some sugar free Apricot and Strawberry. And some thick chocolate sauce. And we now have Hamentaschen in all 4 flavors. Though the chocolate ones went all volcano on us...

The snickerdoodles are also done - we double dipped them in the cinnamon sugar mixture and they are all cake-like yummy. I may have to make more.

I am pretty certain that even more cookies will happen this week - I never used the butterscotch chips.....    mmmmmm......

EDIT - apparently no strawberry...
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There are roughly 3 dozen Peanut Blossom Cookies (sugar rolled peanut butter cookies with hershey's kisses in the tops) on top of my stove. They get to sit until the morning so that the chocolate relearns how to hold a "kiss" shape - they are still "ALL melty and not SOME metly"... And we might make some other variations with special dark kisses... Hmmm....

There are FOUR different types of dough sitting in the fridge waiting for the morrow when they will be sliced and baked and become:
1. Alton Browns Ginger Cookies
2. Lemon Poppyseed Cookies
3. Macadamia Coconut Clouds
4. Hamentaschen

There are PILES and PILES of bags of chips and SCHTUFF to put in cookies on my kitchen table (butterscotch chips, special dark chips, peanut butter chips, mint chips, white choc chips, cinnamon chips, heath bar bits including chocolate, heath bar bits not including chocolate - and it goes on and on). There will be MORE and MORE cookies tomorrow  - many with chips, and some macaroons if Cruz feels adventurous after figuring out what to put IN the Hamentaschen.

And then I get to give them away, mostly to my co-irkers. All in all I need to make upwards of TWENTY DOZEN cookies.

We watched POTC:COTBP and POTC:DMC today and will watch POTC:AWE tomorrow. And also likely HP:OOP.

And I still have metric buttloads of con shit to do, and holiday cards to get done, and, and, and, and... And wow... Gonna go to bed shortly and sleep through feeling all overloaded. :)
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Meh, nose is all dry and head is all achy and my shoulder and back are flaring up. Fuck.

Winter is my favorite season except for one thing, how dry everything gets. I used to have chronic nosebleeds (partly due to my bloodpressure) and if my BP was not down to 100/60 currently I am sure I would be having one this morning due to how dry it is in the house.

Discovered this week that I am almost out of my transfusion supplies. That would be that-which-keeps-me-going on a daily basis and provides my baseline protein intake. It's called AchievOne and it's a cofee flavoured protein drink that comes in cases of 12. A case does not last me even a week as I am weaning myself down from four a day and trying to not drink more than two if possible. It comes in 4 flavors (Vanilla Nut, Hazelnut, Mocha Java and Capuccino), and comes in 9.5oz bottles. Each bottle has 120 calories, no fat (at all), 20g of whey protein (no soy YAY), 5g carbs, 3.5g sugar and 25% of the RDA of a ton of vitamins. Two of these a day is my baseline. And I cannot wait until they come out with their two non-coffee based flavors - strawberry and chocolate. Cause then Cruz can have them too. We have to drive out to San Ramon to get them, as that is cheaper than shipping them in, and that is where the closest retailer is. The manufacturer is in pleasanton and working on getting more retailers in the Bay Area so I hope someone closer starts carrying it. They are also supposed to be transitioning to plastic bottles, which should make the cost come down some, both for the retailer and for me. Anyways the store has two cases on hold for me right now, so I will be set for about two weeks and they are always happy to order for me. I suspect I may be one of their biggest customers for this stuff.

We also have to get to GNC to get some supps for me,

And we may do some other looking around, it all depends on my back and my neck & head. I have not been out to Sun Valley Mall this season yet, and they have a Disney Store, and a Torrid, and a Hot Topic. And while we really cannot shop, we CAN look. Mainly cause we need to build small xmas lists for Cruz's folks so we need to find things that we need and want with enough detail to actually GET them.

OK peoples, for the two of you who actually read my rambling. I hope you has a good Sunday.
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This may sound odd - but right now I am thankful for my wireless card. it means I can catch up with you all while Cruz drives us up to his dad's place. And since the roads SUCK I apologize in advance for creative mis-spellings since I am typing while he drives.

Happy let's take away the indigenous peoples land day.

Earlier on the radio they were talking about the Native American Bay Area college students who camped out on Alcatraz Island in 1969 and 1970 to protest and highlight treatment of native peoples and the absence of their civil and human rights. On the radio they said it was SF state students, but I know for a fact that at least one student from UC Berkeley was there, as my Godmother was one of them and that I know of she did not attend SF State. I am very proud to know her right now.

Wow does traffic suck today.

Oh, and The reason I am thankful for my wireless card? It is the only thing currently keeping me from jumping out of the car and beating the stupid drivers who keep cutting us off.

Spoke to my brother D this morning, which was nice. I may try to call my sister, but I know she is busy with the Orphan dinner they are doing for some of the guys in C's unit. And I don't want to give her one more thing to deal with.

Perhaps we will go down for Xmas, and help her with the boys for the holiday. I miss my sister on a daily basis and am always trying to figure out how I can get to see her and the boys.

We just got a call from Cruz's step-mom wanting to make sure we were on the way. Reassurances were made and now traffic is moving so we should make up some time.

OH GOD - The radio just TEMPTED me horribly. A commercial for the REI winter sale... This is dangerous as there is a REI not far from where we are headed. **sigh** I really like REI.

There is a movie theater a few blocks from Cruz's  dads house, and in the past they have suggested catching a movie when we're all sitting around fighting off a food coma, so we may suggest going and seeing Enchanted, which I have already confirmed is playing there.

I hope you all have a good day, or as good a day as possible. I know this is not the best time for some of you, but you are in my thoughts.


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