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[ profile] cruz531 has diverticulosis/diverticulitis and has been off work all week. He just started a run of anti-biotics which will hopefully help. They did a CT scan of his appendix to make certain it was not THAT. We're both very tired. And I am very busy with my husbands health - which in conjunction with mine and lacking children is what I should be busy with and almost nothing else.

Which makes the point that if I owed you anything, time wise, it ain't happening any time soon. So suck it up.

The only reason work gets me is cause they pay me. This is just one more fracking health thing and we are discussing cutting some stuff out of our lives for our sanity and health - cause neither of us has really taken time to heal. A lot could change in the near future. Fair warning.

Good thoughts, gentle hugs, etc are all welcome.
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Since I am like 6.5 monhts out from my surgery, and since I saw my surgeon for my 6 month follow up a week and a half ago, I thought it would be good to keep my PCP's office in the loop on me.

So here we go, I walk in and there are two of the office crew sitting there. One of the two who usually does appointments and stuff and the one who usually checks people in. The appt girl looks at me, does a double take, and says "WOW - you look GREAT", I say "Thanks, 130 pounds", she says "130 POUNDS?" and I say yeah. And she just sits there and boggles.

I go the window to check in, but that girl is on the phone so I wait and kinda chat with the other girl a bit.

Girl B gets off the phone and looks at me funny. I tell her I am there for an appt at 2:30 and I give her my name so she can pull my chart from the stack. She hears my name and blinks and says "OH my GOD I did not recognize you! You look AMAZING!" I thanked her and told her that there were people who have known me for over a decade who don't recognize me the first time they see me, and that the other girl got the gold star cause she did. And that it wasn't common.

I paid my copay and took my Ikea dream book, I mean catalogs, and sat down to drool and wait. And they kept just staring at me between checking in patients and scheduling appts. My docs office has said that they've dealt with Gastric Bypass patients before - but today made me wonder. Or perhaps I am the most extreme post op they've had in a while.

I have gone to this office, to see one provider or another, for the last 10 years. And both of these girls have been there most of that time, so they have a frame of reference for me. And apparently I blew them away by just walking in the door.

It was surreal and cool at the same time.
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Random updates:

Went and did Hannukah with Cruz's Mom, her BF, and her parents on Saturday. We did the classic Jewish thing and had Chinese take out. At least according to Cruz this is a classic Jewish thing. We still have leftovers and I finally got to have some Beef Chow Fun - which is one of my most favorite dishes EVAR.

Got 99% of our Xmas shopping done - we're just getting stuff for the tons of kids in our lives, not the adults. Need to wrap and ship the out of state nephews stuff - gotta do that tomorrow and send it Priority Mail so it has a chance in hell of making it there remotely close to xmas. And I gotta figure out two more prezzies - I *think* I have it nailed but I gotta make a call.

Cruz is doing both better and worse. It's really hard to describe. His balance and walking are still hosed - but his speech is some better. Took him to see Dr. James last night who did some work on his head. Apparently he managed to majorly squish something and Jim is pretty certain he got stuff to move - hopefully we'll see some improvement in a couple of days. However Cruz tried to go to work today and got sent home - they don't want him there until he can talk straight (cause half his job is on the phone) and drive himself. They are worried that with his mobility he'll fall or something and catch hell from corporate for allowing someone they KNEW is sideways come into work. So Cruz is rather bummed about that - he's stubborn and doesn't want to let them down, and is panicking about losing his job. He can do the detailing part of his job just fine, and has a little bit of stuff here at home he can do. So now I get to try to NOT panic about money since Cruz has no paid time off yet. Luckily I have a weeks pay coming this week as a xmas gift from work - and I have a week of vacation time I can cash in if it gets ugly. Also - there is a nice chunk of stuff Cruz can submit a bill for, from the at home work he's been doing. All of that will help.

Gotta pull down crap I am gonna try and sell on ebay - that will help too.

Now I just get to figure out the mystery of who paid for an auction I won on ebay. Cause I just received the item and I never paid for it. And it was NOT cheap. It was supposed to be Cruz's solstice prezzy to me - and now someone else managed to pay for it and he's more than a little irked that his prezzy to me appears to have gotten "sniped" by someone. I DO appreciate the gifty - but if anyone reading this is the culprit PLEASE fess up. It's driving up both bonkers and actually kinda making us mad. I am not ungrateful, but I HATE surprises.

Finally got ahold of some of the "nut thins" crackers - which are nut meal and potato starch and rice flour. They're pretty good.

I have passed my 5 month post op milestone and barely noticed with all the stuff Cruz is going through right now. We missed getting pics done last week, and hopefully we'll get them done this week. I can eat just about anything if I eat slowly and chew like MAD. That's both good and bad.

I have a key to the front apartment, which my landlady is looking to rent out, for the purposes of helping to find someone saner than the last tennant to rent it. Cruz and I are half tempted to take it ourselves and sub let the upstairs of the Windmill. But then we'd have to find someone willing to sublet *just* the upstairs of the Windmill who would have access to the washer and dryer on the ground floor. Anyone got any ideas for who might want to do that? Of course with him not working we're hosed for money and it's not remotely possible that we would have enough $$ to do this... But I had to put it out there. This also means that if anyone is interested in a one bedroom apartment with a bonus room let me know, I can show it to you.

My hair has changed again - I got a couple inches trimmed off and had the color changed. It's now a dark coppery red. We didn't do highlights cause that weakens hair and I am still losing more than normal even though it's slowed down a LOT. Also, I can see where it's starting to grow back in so by PCon I should be able to do something even more with my hair.

Going to visit my sister in January for my nephews birthday - already have my tickets so YAY for accruing mileage over the last few years. My ticket only cost the $10 fee.

Lost of crazines having to do with running THREE conventions in a six month period next year. Brain is all SPLODEY and I am not panicking - yet. I am shifting around some levels of responsibility with the "free time" stuff that I do. And something not completely, but almost completely, unexpected has come up with some stuff. Now I need to figure out if I can really handle this... Every time I take on more of this? Something happens to say slow down and cut that out... Like Cruz's Post Concussive Syndrome (which is what the Neurologist is calling what he is going trough).

If we won the lottery right now? The FIRST thing we would do would be to pay off our debts, the second thing? To move FAR away where we did not have so many connections to people and things and thus would not feel we needed to volunteer for things to the point that we cannot see straight and have no time for US. Yeah, sounds harsh, but it's how I feel right now. If I honestly could? I WOULD drop everything and just walk away. But I can't.

OK - gotta go pack up the last set of cookies cause they are all cooled. And then off to bed.
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To [ profile] buttler!!! Happiest of Birthdays my dear!

You know what? I found one of those postcards you sent us from Europe in the early '90's when D & F were still living at the Windmill. Kinda neat.

I am very glad we're still friends, and even gladder that you found someone that makes you so happy, I could not have wished for more for you.
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So I got on the scale this morning, before eating or drinking anything and after going to the bathroom, wearing only my medic alert bracelet and wedding ring, and it seems I have broken that plateau I was on...

I was yoyoing between 261 and 265 for the last month, this morning I was..


256. Woot - and I was 265 last Friday. This Weight loss surgery is wacky man - nothing for weeks and then *plop* 10 pounds just goes *poof*.

So yeah - I might just hit my next goal on time - to be 247 by 12/31 - and that is only 9 pounds away.

Since my highest ever

Since surgery

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OK - so lemme think here... Some of these I have put up before, but they're no less true now. I am about 4 and a half months out from surgery.

* The pants I bought a month ago, the day before my Disney Trip, require a belt to stay up and are all baggy and saggy.
* That would be because I am down over 15 pounds since then and it all appears to have departed from my butt.
* I am on the smallest holes in my belt.
* I bought new shirts in size 18/20, down from 26/28 or 30/32 depending on the cut.
* I got my hair all cut off and razor cut into short layers - and it looks GOOD. I LOVE my Hair Goddess!
* Got flirted with by the Barista at the local Starbucks.
* Had two periods since my surgery and while they were both heavy they STOPPED after a week (I spent 5 months straight bleeding last year so this is GOOD).
* Since getting my stricture fixed I have been able to eat more variety and am not bored to tears by food nearly as easily.
* I have lost over 110 pounds but my wedding ring, while a bit loose, still fits. Seems like it would be too big by now.
* My Dansko clogs, which I was considering trying to sell cause they didn't fit (were WAY too small), now fit and are a little loose. So maybe I will need to try to sell them after all. HHmm..
* Went and got a bucnh of my skin tags removed. I paid out of pocket but some of them were starting to really bug me with the change in skin and size.
* Getting better with my protein - internalized that I have a mini fridge of my own at work and maybe I should USE it. *DUH* So I have hummus and cheese and other protein stuff I can keep in stock.
* Am actually a size and shape I could live with rather well if I didn't lose any more weight.
* Am actually starting to get comfortable with myself - and have sewing stuff planned.
* Starting to have that extra energy I kept hearing about.
* Am constantly hearing "you look amazing" etc etc etc.
* My scars have all shrunk to about half their starting size, and the one for my gallbladder looks like a large freckle and not a scar at all.
* My friend [ profile] arianrhodstorm is a certified Aromatherapist and made me some scar ointment - and I LIKE it.
* My husband is amazing and wonderful and I could not have done this without him.
* Starting to think that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that it may not be an oncoming train.
* Started going back to Curves.
* Starting to think I might actually look like the user pic on this post again someday.

* The pants I bought a month ago, the day before my Disney Trip, require a belt to stay up and are all baggy and saggy. Yeah I know - complain complain.
* I cannot find my leather punch in order to help my belt continue to help me. Crap.
* My low back issues have decided to leave my sacral/lumbar area and travel up to the upper thoracic/lower cervical area and my left shoulder. Wow it hurts. I am probably sleeping on it wrong and aggravating it - but MAN *OW*
* Been having headaches a lot - and tylenol doesn't work on me, and I am not allowed to take what DOES work (ibuprofen or exedrin).
* My face thinks I am 13 - oil all over the place and breakouts. Argh.
* My eczema is acting up - likely due to the hormonal and dietary changes. Luckily I have Aquaphor in house.
* Gotten really bad about my water - I think the only reason I am not all constipated is cause I am back on the Metformin and it does a number on your digestive tract.
* Likely won't be able to go to West Kingdom 12th night like I was planning - other things have eaten my life. I still want the cotehardie though.
* The mood swings come and go and I am tired a lot.
* My scars randomly itch a lot.
* Having separation anxiety from my old clothes - but it's WAY past time to clean out my closet and dresser.
* Realized that while we have been pretty good with getting pictures we forgot to get 3 month post ops pics. Sigh.
* On a plateau and have been here for a couple of weeks.
* Only got to Curves once this week

Lap RNY with Gallbladder removal
7/10/06, Dr. ajay Upadhyay, Oakland, CA
(376) 347/265/180
Age: 36, Height: 5'10"
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Wow - today I am all owie... I went to see my dermatologist today and he snipped off as many skin tags as he could in a half an hour. And now I have tons of owie spots on my body on my waist/belly, my neck, my back, my torso and my underarms. WOW does a shot of local HURT on the underarms - I always heard it was bad but it's different having experienced it.

My sweetie just helped me change the dressing on the biggest ones, all but my belly (where parts of my birthmark had extruded into skin tags). I haven't even seen what he did there cause the nurse put the dressing on before I could see it. And it's on good and not too painful so we're gonna leave it until the morning.

Now I just get to hope that I have no problems healing and don't have to have tape and bandaids on for too long - cause I react to them really badly no matter how "specially tested for sensitive skin" they are. They give me raised 3D rashes where the adhesive was.

I also saw my bodyworker today and he gave my shoulder some marching orders as well as my feet (can we say ZERO flexion? I knew we could!). So my entire left shoulder cradle and arm are a bit sore - but its a good sore and not a bad sore. Now I just have to be extra careful.

And tomorrow I see my orthopedist to get an order for replacement orthotics cause 1. my old ones are trying to die and 2. even if they weren't trying to die my feet are a completely different size and shape since losing 110+ pounds and they don't fit anyways. Once I have the auth for the new orthotics I will make certain that my bodyworker puts my feet back together with all the bones in the right place before I go for the foot casting - so that the new orthotics aren't enforcing the BAD foot stuff.

OK - off to bed with me... I shouldn't be up this late. Argh. But tomorrow I get to buy myself a COLOR LASER PRINTER for work. WHEEEEEEE!!!!
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But the pants I bought a month ago are falling off. I am wearing my belt at the smallest notch and it barely keeps my pants up AND I cannot find my leather punch.




I just HAD to share. Cause man, if I thought I had NO ass a month ago? Heh - I have even less ass now. I've only lost about 10 pounds in the last month (it's slowed down a lot) but it seems to all be in the ass cause that's where my pants have decided that a couple extra yards that get to flap in the breeze are a good thing.


REALLY don't want to go buy more pants - may have to knuckle under and unburry my sewing room so I can alter stuff.

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Wow - today I am TIRED, like I didn't sleep or nothin (but I did and even went to bed earlier than normal for me). Argh - I hate this.

* My scale at home said I am 269.6 pounds as of yesterday morning. That's 107 down from my highest and 78 since my surgery almost 4 months ago. That leaves 23 pounds to go in the next two months to reach my end of 2006 goal of being 100 pounds down since surgery. I might just make it.
* They found and fixed the stricture that was preventing me from eating or drinking much of anything. The opening between my pouch and my intestines was so small that they could not get the scope through and it took 4 baloons to stretch it to 12mm. I am now taking Prilosec to thwart any further excess scar tissue build up.
* Only missed one day of vitamins in the last couple of weeks.
* Getting better about my fluids and protein - mostly due to the stricture being fixed.
* Had salad for the first time in AGES last weekend and BOY was it GOOD. I missed it more than bread.
* Nioxin Scalp Treatment smells like ButterMints - *YUMMY*
* Starting to see the difference 100+ pounds makes. It's startling.
* My Klingon Costume, and many other of my fun costume/dress up clothes fit again - and they are all going to be too big soon! I sense alterations in my future. In addition to the Klingon costume I have two different victorian/civil war ball gowns, Rennaisance Germans (Landsknecht), two sets of Medieval Normans (which were made to measure for me but were too small by the time I received them), A Victorian Middle Class lady, several different fun bodices and skirts, and misc Rennaisance fantasy garb.
* Starting to feel comfortable with my new body - I would be OK if I didn't lose any more cause I could live with me where I am.
* Planning a couple of new costumes - primarily a Tribal Dancer (Turkish) and Norse/Viking garb - and I already have a bunch of the fabric for this. I am also planning on making a cotehardie and houpelande for the 12th Night Revel and attending for the first time in AGES (and making a houpelande for my husband).
* Starting to look at my extensive collection of Folkwear patterns to plan new clothes. I *LOVE* their stuff and could happily live out of a mix 'n' match wardrobe made from their patterns - and now I may just be able to fit into them!
* Got my period (only the second one in almost 4 months), but considering I have both PCOS *AND* Complex Hyperplasia? That's pretty good. The first one was heavy but short (a blessing actually)- we'll see how this one goes.
* I am currently wearing a pair of standard Army Green BDU camouflage pants - that I have had for almost 15 years and have not been able to get into in ALL of that time. WOOT! Sometimes being a packrat is useful.
* Not only do I have almost ONE chin and a jaw line AND cheekbones..... I also almost have COLLAR BONES.
* Started the process of stepping away from something that was eating my soul and my time and my energy and not giving anything back. I've got another month or so to wrap things up - but it is the right choice.
* I am starting to actually look like I see myself in my head (see the userpic on this post for reference). Almost every time I have looked in the mirror in the last 15 years there has been this cognitive dissonance as what is in the mirror has not matched what is in my head - the thing is if I am matching what's in my head now? How will I deal with it if I do get smaller? HHmm - going to have to ponder that one.
* My sister called me on Halloween! She lives in Illinois and I haven't seen her in like 2 years or more and almost never get to talk to her. We spent AGES on the phone and it really made my week.
* I am currently drinking V8 joice - and MAN is it good!

* More than half my hair has now fallen out and you can see my scalp through my hair quite clearly and I am starting to panic about losing it all (luckily I look good in a turban). We had to have RotoRooter come out and power snake the bathtub drain and they pulled out a chunk of hair the size of a small animal... *argh*. I wish it would stay on my head. I'm using Nioxin shampoo and scalp treatment and it doesn't appear to be helping. I also religiously clean out the drain trap after my shower - but lots got down there anyway. Now I have to figure out just how short I want to cut it. Gonna call my Hair Goddess on Monday when she's in.
* My costumes that currently fit will soon be too big - I may sail right past being able to wear them if I am not careful. And I have relatively few options for wearing the costumes any time soon. *SIGH*
* Even though the stricture is fixed - I am still eating pretty much the same stuff I was before it was fixed. And it's BORING - but I have not yet seen the nutritionist in my surgeons office and so have little clue as to what I could add to my diet.
* My father passed away last Sunday.
* I've been extra cranky this week.
* I haven't made it to Curves in like two weeks. Just been either too tired or too busy or too sad.

Ticker Time!!!

WOW!!! Almost half way to my goal! I honestly never thought that would happen. Next week is roughly
4 months since my surgery, and since I did before and afters at 2 months, I think it's a good time to do another set of afters. I'll post those next week.

Roux en Y with Gallbladder removal
July 10, 2006
Dr. Ajay Upadhyay, Oakland, CA
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Ahem - your attention please.

I have an announcement...

My Klingon Costume fits!

YES - you heard me... my Klingon Costume FITS.

Now I get to wear it to the wedding tomorrow (just the costume, not the headpiece, cause I cannot cope with the makeup right now).

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ patter.
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*This has been crossposted to [ profile] wls

So - as very few of you know I have been having post op problems since about 6 weeks after my surgery (for those of you keeping track that would be for the last 6 weeks as I am almost at the 3 month mark).

I have been continuing the mostly liquid diet as anything more solid just wasn't happy - and the reality is that I should be able to eat something semi soft more than once a day (or twice if I was lucky).

So - I had an Endoscopy this morning and they found the problem. I had a stricture (a build up of scar tissue) in the join between my stomach pouch and my intestines. The opening was so small that the scope could not pass through - that's pretty bad. They used some small baloons to stretch it out (to where the scope *could* pass through) and my surgeon feels that I should have MANY fewer problems moving forward.

So - a little late but here they are. The P's & C's:

* Started going back to Curves - I have lost 30+ inches since January of this year.
* Was 282.9 as of my scale this morning - that's 65 pounds since my surgery on 7/10/06
* No longer on the month long plateau where I was stuck at 294
* Within 8 pounds of my goal for next weekend (275)
* Going to Disneyland next weekend!
* Getting better about my protein
* Had a Sleep Study the other night and they found NO apnea!!
* Saw both my Endocrinologist and my PCP this week and they are starting to wean me off of the blood pressure meds!
* Getting my hair done next week - hopefully we can come up with some way to deal with the hair loss.
* Starting to be able to see some difference in how I look - most of the time I can't.

* Not getting enough water (should be easier now)
* Not getting enough protein (should be easier now)
* Have lost about half my hair (one day's worth of hair in my brush is what a weeks worth used to be and my ponytail is half as thick as before).
* I have lost 65 pounds since surgery and my waist has not changed - but everything else has. My hips and but are somewhere around a 22/24 but my waist is a 28 - so pants look extra stupid on me.
* Still very constipated - and Colace still tastes worse than constipated feels, and so does Milk of Magnesia. This should ease up now that I should be able to drink more.
* Apparently I picked up a cold from somewhere - all stuffed up and sneezing my head off. *ARGH*

Roux En Y 7/10/06
Dr. Ajay Upadhyay
Summit Hospital
Oakland, CA
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So yesterday I went to Costco - had to pay our annual membershp fees and spend our nifty rebate (we're executive members).

So I went and grabbed the Dyson vacuum I've been coveting for YEARS (more on the amazing dyson later). I also found that they have various colors of sheep skins: white, off white, red and BLACK. So I got two black ones, cause they won't show the dirt when camping as bad. And I picked up two DVD's, V for Vendetta and Elizabeth I (the HBO mini series with Helen Mirren - which was really good).

And whilst trudging down the aisles I came upon the aisle where they have scales - and I stepped on the demo scale. Now if it is to be believed I was 302.4 yesterday - 2.5 pounds from my second weight loss goal of being under 300. Wow - 7 weeks post op and I've lost upwards of 45 pounds! It's still not real to me - I can barely see any difference, even in the before and after pics (we're taking new after pics next week). Hopefully if I can keep my water up, my sugar down, and get more exercise I can break 300 by my 8 week post op day. THAT would be cool.

So anyways - I get home, fiddle about a bit, and then assemble the Dyson (amazing self control I tell you). And all I vacuumed was the 4 feet of hallway between our kitchen and the office - and there is like a INCH of dirt in the collection bin on the thing. WOW... from just a few feet of carpet! Yeah - Dysons work. I may actually be able to do something about all the gunk and dust that's making Cruz miserable.


I really didn't want to be quite that spendy so soon after getting my new laptop - but the Costco rebate helped a lot. And Cruz's allergies have been so bad the last few months I just couldn't NOT spend the money and get the precious!
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So - one thing that came up this weekend was something that has surfaced for [ profile] cruz531's Aunt AND uncle - apparently there is Peutz Jaegers Syndrome in the family. Uncle Frank has it (and has already had all the nasty bowel stuff - he had a colostomoy bag the first time I met him), and Aunt Judy has it which puts both Cousin Brandon and Cousin Patrik at a double risk of developing it cause it's genetic. And if Frank has it? Cruz could have it - and since Cruz has recently started having all kinds of unhappy intestinal stuff?

Very fucking scary - especially since there is next to nothing online about it that I can find. And NO I am not "symptom surfing" - I am hoping against hope that Cruz does NOT have something that is already diagnosed in part of his family.

If anyone out there has any links to information on it, please shoot it my way. We're probably gonna have to talk to his doctors about this.
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First - before anyone asks I have no idea how much weight I have lost. I last saw my surgeon (and weighed in) on Aug 8th. At that time I was 319. I am now down another pants size and things continue to be loose. [ profile] cruz531 found the box that contained my smaller jeans so I have several pairs of size 28's and a couple pairs of 24's ready to be worn when I get to that point. I found that I don't have any 26's - so I may actually have to go buy a pair of pants in a size that I will only be for 2-4 weeks. *sigh* I was hoping to avoid having to buy much of anything for a while cause I hate clothes shopping - though a lot of that hate may stem from always having been big a not being able to shop off the rack and always being two sizes bigger than even the large size stores carried. We'll see.

The surgery program I am in changed the support group days/times and made it so that I cannot go until November if I am lucky. The support group used to meet every Weds - the first Weds was the mens, the second Weds was the post op, the third weds was for for Lap Band folk, and the fourth Weds was the combined Pre-op and post op group. Overall this allowed for two support groups a month for all post op people - the people who NEED it.

They changed it to the third saturday with both the post op and pst/pre-op groups on the same day. When they announced they were doing this they said it was to increase post op participation at the mixed group. Basically having the post op group meet first and then hoping that more post op people would stay for the mixed group. Thus making it appear that getting people into the program is more important than supporting those people who have had the surgery - I am amazingly angry at this. [ profile] cruz531 called the main nurse coordinator for the program and she the stated they moved it cause many people said it was too hard to get to the meeting by 5 on Weds. So the half dozen people who could not make that time now get a monthly meeting, the 2 dozen plus of us who had no problem with the time are cut from 2 meetings on different weeks a month to 2 meetings on one day (basically on long meeting), and some of su are cut out completely.

Again with the angry. Wow with the angry. When [ profile] cruz531 mentioned some concern about the change in dates he was told that there was a meeting in Pleasanton or some such. Gee - how fucking helpful.

Anyways - it's rather odd being me right now. People keep exclaiming that I have lost so much or look so different - and you know what? Despite ever little bit of proof (smaller clothes, back spasms gone, photographic evidence, etc.) - 99% of the time I don't feel any different or see the difference. I think as long as I have a belly I likely will have trouble seeing past it - perhaps that is what is triggering my blind spot on this. We took photos the night before my surgery and about 5 weeks later, and we will take more at 2 months.

There has been some cackling from some corners about how I will get to scare people at PantheaCon and BayCon cause I will look so different. I don't know about that - my face looks a bit different (mostly cause I am almost down to one chin and have a jawline and cheekbones again), but I have a rather distinctive face, which makes me rather recognizable. We'll just have to wait and see how people react.

I finally discovered what my "I'm full" signal is from my stomach. For a while now I have noticed that when I eat my nose gets runny. Last week I found out that there is a nerve that runs right next to the stomach that triggers things like runny nose and watery eyes - and when your stomach is full it presses on that nerve. So at least I have been able to quell some of the throwing up from eating too much - because while I have no hunger pangs I also have no full sensation either - but now I have something to keep an eye on. I haven't been throwing up as much when I eat more solid food, which is nice. Sadly this doesn't apply to liquids.

Another funny thing - when you're prepping for the surgery you are constantly told "don't eat anything with over 15g of sugar" cause it goes straight into the intestine and then the blood stream and causes problems, so we are told to only eat things with artificial sweeteners. I have not yet had a problem with real sugar in moderate doses, even when there is more than 15g per serving - but artificial sweeteners now make me feel VERY ill. Aspartame just used to taste a bit nasty and give me headaches, and Splenda would just give me gas, but now they both are ALWAYS too sweet, they taste like chemicals AND they make me feel ill and I tend to throw up more. Fun neh? So yeah - apparently I am backwards in this specific regard for post-op stuff.

I have started drinking milk again - because the soy milk I used to drink is sweetened with Splenda and tastes nasty and makes me feel ill. And I have started drinking the semi-liquid yogurt smoothies. All this in an attempt to even remotely get the protein I am supposed to be getting. Much of anything more solid gives me trouble. I can now eat small amounts of well chewed chicken, but that fills me up FAST.

In my copy of "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies" they have a chart for a post op diet for someone who is at my point in the post op timeline and who has been cleared for soft foods and some solids - and I cannot even remotely comprehend HOW I could eat that much. Of course part of that is because I only recently started getting what appear to be hunger pangs. But still... I have been trying to make certain I eat every couple of hours or at least 3 meals a day - of course my breakfast is a small glass of milk (for me milk is food not beverage), lunch is a 1 ounce cheese stick, and dinner is often a small bowl of soup. I occasionally also have cup of yogurt smoothie - but that's about what I eat. I know I am not getting enough protein, and I am having a heck of a time getting in my water. I'm supposed to be drinking 64 ounces a day - I am lucky if I get 24. Again with the "there's not much space down there" - and I am still having trouble with water making me throw up too more often than not. Yeah - more fun.

So yeah - it's all butterflies and rainbows around here. No really. I'll put non health stuff in a separate post.
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I saw my surgeon for my one month after surgery follow up. He has said that I can take my sleeping pill, which should help with some of the insomnia I've been dealing with. I can also progress to the next stage of the diet, "soft" foods like Egg Salad, Scrambled Eggs, Cheese, and Chicken (hot dogs and chicken salad I suspect).

He also said I get to return to work. Yay. Will either do that tomorrow afternoon or Thursday.

And they weighed me of course - I have lost 19.6 pounds in the last two weeks, making me 319 on the dot this morning. My first weight loss goal has been achieved - to weigh less than my husband. My second goal is just around the corner - to weigh less than 300.

While the amount of the weight loss is nice it does indicate that I am losing muscle mass as well as fat - and my surgeon is concerned about that. So am I. Now that my back has stopped hurting all the frelling time from the DAMN hospital bed I have started my walking video - and I can make it about a half mile. He wants me to to a mile a day and build up to three miles - so I have some work to do.

I also am not eating enough protein. This weekend I found that I can eat cheese and peanut butter (low sugar peanut butter). So there are two more options for protein. But I am still only eating once, maybe twice a day and cannot even conceive of eating more than I am already.

My next appt with him, unless I have some trouble to see him for, is in October for my three month follow up. I just know I will not be able to wait that long to find out what weight I have lost - so I have to go buy a good scale.

This evening I get to see Dr. James, who will make many things on my body stop hurting so I can actually DO the exercise I need to do.
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So I finally gave in and have started trying out baby food. Now I know why babies resist so much when you feed them - anything that's not fruit is really truly icky. *sigh*

I keep trying veggie food or meat and veggie food - and keep getting only to 2 bites and then having to toss it out.

I think I will go open some fruit stuff - it's not good that it's the only thing I can eat, but it's better than nothing.

Also - I have been having more and more trouble keeping things down. And I have found that my pouch no longer likes things I could eat last week (refried beans, cram of wheat). So I am stuck for things I can eat.

Argh - we'll see what the doctor says next week.

OK - so I just went and made a tropical smoothie with protein powder. Hopefully it will stay down.
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Today I received my Medic-Alert bracelet.

It says:
Gastric Bypass PT.

So it's for real. Wow.

And it's on a PURTY bracelet with hematite and crystals:

AND I can make other bracelet bits for myself if I like.
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Got up today - feeling icky with a headache. We stayed up way too late last night (like 2 am) and then slept in too late. We didn't even leave the house until after 1:30pm.

We managed to make it to Mens Wearhouse to get a new pair of black slacks and a black dress shirt for [ profile] cruz531.

We then picked up [ profile] nithogg and went off to the Grand Lake theater for the 3:30pm showing of "Monster House". Fun movie - not great, but fun.

Took [ profile] nithogg back home after the show. Stopped and took a look at the rediscovered yard at House K. Got to see [ profile] wynkat1313, [ profile] rimblemethis and their spawn and the elder spawns girlfriend, as well as [ profile] pearlshadow and her son, AND [ profile] norsebiker's son C. I got to stave off the tide of teenagers intent on securing hugs - reminding them that I had abdominal surgery last week. They all sent me virtual hugs - very cute.

The yard looks amazing - and will look even more amazing as time progresses.

We headed out to Sauls Deli where [ profile] cruz531 got the Sam & Molly sandwich (brisket and pastrami on rye with potato salad). One of their soup specials today was pureed brocolli - so I got that and added some sour cream - the acids all calmed down and the flavor smoothed out and it was good. YAY - my first time eating out post op! We also got a scoop of their raspberry sorbet to split (we tried to get some of their blood orange sorbet - but they were out *sigh*).

We then went and filled the tank in the car (I got to drive my car today *happy dance*) and put her through a car wash. Cause when we went out to the car this morning we found that someone had egged my car - I have no doubt that it was my downstairs front neighbor. Yeah - that soap opera gets better and better. But that is for a separate post.

Off to Trader Joes to get some groceries and then to Albertsons for the rest. And then HOME.

I am SOOO tired - but did a lot of moving and walking today so my feet aren't all scary swollen. It's super hot still - and we left fans running in the house to keep the air moving - and considering how hot it still is in the house it's scary to think that the fans might have made a difference with how hot it STILL is. *oi*

So [ profile] cruz531 is doing dishes and I am going through todays mail. My notice about my disability award came through today, as well as the first check for the first 3 days. Yay, a little money.

Tomorrow [ profile] cruz531 has a ton of work to do at home. And I get to figure out what I am going to do to avoid being bored to death.

And it's looking like Monday I may go off to Antioch to play with ceramics. There are a couple of candlesticks waiting for me to go clean them up. It will be interesting driving that far cause just from the little bits of driving today my back is majorly unhappy.

I always have trouble sleeping when it's hot - so we'll see how I do tonight.
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Just so very could not sleep last night. Got up with [ profile] cruz531 and found out he had trouble sleeping too. Saw him off to work and spent a few hours taking care of some things on my To Do list and chatting online with people.

At about 10 oclock or so I got really woozy tired - so I went and laid down in my recliner. And woke up 4 hours later. More zombie sleep of the dead. Yay for sleep - I just wish I could do it during the NIGHT. *sigh*

Got up around 2pm and puttered around on my puter more until another one of my BayCon staffers and a friend showed up to visit. She brought me a lucky bamboo - which is funny since I had been intending to get one for my office when I returned to work anyways. So now I have it already. Very cool!

[ profile] cruz531 got home from work and we puttered around some more. Made dinner, ate dinner. [ profile] cruz531 rubbed my back some to try to get it to calm down - it worked some.

Just been chillin' on the computer, me on mine, he on his. Spent a little time planning Saturday and figuring out our shopping list.

Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight. And tomorrow is mostly with my sweetie! AND I get to LEAVE THE HOUSE!!!! *happy butt dance*
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Spent a lot of time watching TV and puttering 'round the house. Got about half way through "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke - pretty good so far.

Called my surgeons office - they told me "The disability paperwork isn't on his desk or in the pile he's working on so it must be done, you can call back to check." Argh. And I left a message for my surgeon that the Percocet had stopped working.

My surgeon called me back and when I told him I had been of the Percocet for 48 hours told me to try taking it again, and supplementing it with Tylenol. So I started back on the nasty tasting stuff last night - and it seemed to help a bit (cause that one big incision site just aches and hurts like nothing else).

[ profile] nithogg came by to visit after work (he works like 6 blocks from my house. Yay - visitors! And then later in the evening [ profile] lwood came by, watched Iron Chef America with us and helped us fold laundry. Oh, and she let me fondle her bone knitting needles. *sigh*

Started chatting with [ profile] cruz531 about what we need to do Saturday morning and afternoon: 1. Grocery Shopping (cause while there is stuff in the house I can eat, there's not that much HE can eat and that's not okay), 2. Clothes shopping for him (cause the new job is the upper end of business casual so his usual jeans and t-shirts won't cut it), 3. Get to our PO Box (cause I am expecting stuff and have something to mail I sold on ebay - Glee!), and 4. See a mattinee of "Monster House" at the Grand Lake (which we are picking up [ profile] nithogg for).

Oh - if you wanna join the us for the mattinee, we're going to the 3:30pm show, it's only $6 (best damn mattinee prices in the bay area a far as I know), and it's in the upstairs theater (so it's good I can do stairs with little trouble).

So yeah - I knew our Saturday morning and midday would be busy. But it's gonna run much later than I initially thought (mostly cause I forgot about the clothing shopping). Any Saturday visiting would have to me MUCH later in the day, or on Sunday. Sorry bout that.

Tried to sleep last night but no matter how tired I was, and I WAS tired I just could not do more than doze for a little bit at a time. In fact I realized that I haven't been able to really sleep since my "sleep of the dead" routing Tuesday morning. ARGH. So today I will call my surgeon back and ask him about taking my sleeping pills.


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