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OK - we got through the VHS to DVD comparison.

I am going to post the list of VHS tapes that are dupes to what we have in our DVD collection or are ones we just don't want/need anymore.

*EDIT* The Only ones left are the workout tapes at the end of the list.

If you are one of those crazy people who still has a VCR and wants any of them simply speak up and it's yours. And yes we are some of those crazy people who still have a VCR - we're just trying to reduce some of the extra clutter fu in our house.

So, The Caveats:

*If you live near us where we may see you and can HAND them to you then they are yours free and clear. They will get to you quicker if you come and get them from us, as us trying to get them TO people right now is dicey for many reasons. The next 10 - 12 weeks is BEYOND crazy for us right now.

*If you are far away (i.e., where we CANNOT see you face to face) I ask that you cover shipping. We will figure that out later.

Now onto the list - I will break these into categories (some rough). Most of these tapes have actually not been viewed all that much, I will note special things where I can.

Animated )

Not-Animated/Fantasy/Romance )

Not-Animated/SciFi/etc )

workout tapes )


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