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Again with the posting here because it will flow over to Facebook (I'll go there and tag people shortly).

Home from Dickens. A bit tired. But we spent 6-ish hours there walking around - my ankle held up pretty well and only really started hurting as we were leaving.

We got to see a bunch of friends and sadly there were a couple we did not manage to track down. But I was all full of nostalgia and found that I REALLY missed Dickens. It's been 14 years since I worked it (I still have my participants pass from 1995). It was fun, but bittersweet. Cruz was even making noises about how he though it might be fun to work it. So... we know TONS of people there so something tells me we could likely find SOMETHING to do! Any suggestions anyone? :)

We got to see Karsten at the Adventurers Club (who got us in - thank you VERY much!) and we gave him his own pan of fresh-baked-this-morning-and-still-slightly-warm Double Dark Chocolate Guinness Brownies as a thank you.

We got to see Kaellie and Rachel at Mad Sals and gave them cookies.

We got to see Rydel & Thalassa (in different places) and gave them cookies.

We got to see SallyRose and Drew at Dark Garden and gave them cookies.

We brought them all cookies because we were certain we'd find them (and the point was to get cookies OUT of the house and not bring them back home). If the rest of you feel shorted, I can try to make it up to you! :)

We also got to see Meg at the Puzzle Ring Shop, Remington at Fezziwigs, Steve at The Adventurers Club (did not have a chance to say hi, but we exchanged waves), z! in the street, Dearbhail/Jennifer at the Dicken Parlor (OMG I ***LOVE*** her dress) AND in the Dark Garden window, and while I saw Robert, he was very busy being Mr. Dickens and so I did not want to interrupt him.

In no particular order we also ran into:
Schyler and his friends.
Diana and the Woozles (yay for hugs from God-children!)
Sarah Goodman
Patrick White

And I saw tons of people I recognized from years of doing Faire (both Northern Ren and Dickens WAAAY back when).

Sally got Cruz and I into corsets, OMG Cruz is TINY! He was wearing one that laces down to a 25" waist (yes I have pictures) and he got pics of me in the one I tried on. And I got my hair braided (more pictures). We had Steak & Mushroom pies for lunch (YUMMY) and sat and watched some belly dancing. And I kept feeling bittersweet. And did I mention I missed it? Terribly? Yeah, thought so...

**EDIT** I am reposting now that I have reconnected FB & LJ... GRRR, but it appears to not actually flow to my "notes" any more. THAT is gonna piss me off if true.
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Not playing nice - my last entry did not flow over there. Grrf...


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