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So Dad's Wake/Memorial service was last night at Greyhaven. And lemme just get this said right now - I looked STUNNING. Ok - now back to the report... clicky )
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So tomorrow my Mom has arranged a wake-type thing at Greyhaven for my dad. From like 5 to 8pm.

My uncle is supposed to come up from Santa Cruz with the ashes. My brother, his mother, his girlfriend, his little brother and possibly someone else are coming down from the Clear Lake area. Cruz and I are going.

And that is very likely to be about it - now mind you I don't MIND the opportunity to have something small and mostly family cause this family almost NEVER gets together like this.

And I know my mom has invited some of Dad's friends who are in the area to come - but I don't hold out a lot of hope that anyone will show up. This is in part based on the fact that when we relocated him back to California from Maryland several years ago we tried to have a "Welcome Mike to California" party - and no one showed up. It was very disheartening and distressing for him and us.

So yeah I feel a good bit of "the glass is more than half empty" about this. It will be neat to see my brother, and for him to see Greyhaven finally and meet some of the folk there who have been so important in my life.

If any of you here on my FList can or want to come please do - you didn't have to know my dad, cause as we all know a wake is much more for the family, and you all know me.

So yeah - Greyhaven, tomorrow at 5pm and not running late.

And now I get to scan and print some photos for tomorrow on my nifty new Color Laser.

I hope to see a couple of you tomorrow if you have the time - thanks.
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Today whilst at the wedding I received a phone call at about 12:29 pm from my uncle. My father passed away at about 12:10 this afternoon while my uncle was sitting with him. I called my sister and stepmom and told them - so they have each other to get through this with. My uncle tried to contact our brother with no luck - I hope he tracks him down soon.

Michael Lee Mohle'
B: 10/7/44
D: 10/29/06

It's for the best, really. He had a major stroke 10 years ago, which was only 2 years after I found him. Which is why I rather think of him as a stranger - I was just getting to START to know him when the stroke happened. He fell and broke his pelvis 2 years ago and was mostly in a wheelchair recently. At our wedding 3 years ago was the last time he was really ambulatory - and I am SO glad I have pictures. I know he is out of pain now.

Hella - Lady of my ancestors and his, hold him and comfort him in this time.

If you are so inclined a candle or somesuch would not be out of order.

There will be no big viewing/memorial service. We are looking into what it will take to get his ashes back to Maryland for interment in the family plot with his Parents and Grandparents. We're not quite certain how to handle it, but we will find out.

If I bow out of commitments or am a little touchy for a while - you now have some idea why this may happen and why I have been touchy for a littlw while now and will continue to be so.
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Went down to see him this morning. He's not doing well and the nurse apparently doesn't think he'll make it through the night. Heck, my uncle didn't think he'd make it to today - so we'll see what happens.

Apparently last Weds when I went down was the last time he was functional or spoke at all (I fed him lunch). Part of his decline is the heavy meds they have him on - just lying there and breathing wears him out completely.

His O2 Sats are back up - he was in the 50's Tuesday and Thursday and was back up to the 70's this morning.

We have started having the "what do we do if" conversations...

We know he has a DNR in his medical record.

We know he wants to be cremated.

That's it. Now we get to figure out what to do with his ashes - my suggestion was to inter them in the family plot back in Maryland with his parents and grandparents. We'll see what my brother and sister think of.

He and I have never been close - that happens when you don't find your dad until your early 20's. I like him and I will miss him - the rest? Well the rest is hard to quantify right now.


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