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The table is gone and might end up at it's intended new home at some point, but it has a layover at another friends house who needs the table space for now. The best part? It's out of my house. YAY!

No bites on the two bed frames. No problem.

Cruz and I have gotten some stuff sorted and repacked. And have more work to do.

We have a box of some misc kitchen stuff to get rid off, I will try to make a list of it and post it shortly.

I will also try to get pictures of the shoes and maybe some shots of some of the clothes. And I got to wash and reclaim two old shirts of mine that I adore and have not been able to wear in YEARS. Le Happy Sigh.
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Ok - so no one has expressed interest in either the pine tri-fold futon frame, the dark stain king size waterbed frame, nor the folding table. No problem, the frames will likely become scrap wood or something. Or just get tossed out.

I also have a small ton of clothes of various sizes (most in starting in the 20/22 range and going up to 30/32) that I need to get rid of. As replacing clothes is expensive I want to sell off these things if at all possible, and taking them to a consignment place is time consuming (and I have no time right now for that right now).

Some items I would be willing to give away, mainly the older or more worn stuff. There is some very nice/newer stuff however that I need to sell.

There are some dresses, pants, skirts, tops, etc. and I have some shoes that need new homes too. The shoes generally run a size 10 or so. The shoes are all black and there are some heels. The clothes are very much black but there are other colors in there.

I am going to try to get some pics or descriptions put together and put up here. But I first want to know if anyone would be remotely interested in any of this before I put out that energy. I know I know gals within the full size range of stuff I have to get rid of, so I am putting it to you. Any of you remotely interested?


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