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I get to bring him home today!!!


Jan. 8th, 2009 06:18 pm
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So - last night [ profile] cruz531 was running a low grade fever. Not uncommon after surgery - in fact they state quite clearly to expect it and keep an eye on it. However, at one point it spiked to 101 and we both made the mental note to keep a closer eye.

This morning it was up and down but hit 100.1

Um no...

THEN he tells me that last night, on one of his self propelled trips to the bathroom, he noticed a "fizzy" feeling. He described it as "kinda like when you only partially open a soda can and squeeze it"... This feeling is mostly located around the large incision where they had the JP Drain in (this item continues to baffle the doctors and the PA's).

Um no...

AND The Norco they gave him for pain isn't hardly helping. He took a dose at 8:30am, and is supposed to take it every 4 hours for pain. By 10am it had worn off. THIS does NOT bode well.

So he calls the surgeons office - their response? "How soon can you come in?"

So we get over there and they admit him. Urine and blood tests all came back fine, but showing his potassium as a little low so they are adjusting for that with his IV fluids. The surgeon wants a chest Xray. He is apparently a model patient on the incentive spirometer but they are taking NO chances with his Asthma history vis a vis his lungs.

Another good thing is that one of the PA's from the surgeons office went and found the surgeon and brought him in to take a look. He poked, prodded and palpated - His belly is soft (and that is a good thing). It means that at least some of the gas buildup has processed out.

They gave him IV morphine to drop his pain from a rating of 9+ to 3/4 and he was able to get up and start walking (which helps the body to process out the toxins of the anesthesia and such).

Now I get to haggle with the insurance about whether or not this counts as a whole new admittance for the purposes of charging us the $250 hospitalization copay. Cause MAN we CANNOT afford TWO of those. When I called them today their systems were down and all the lady could tell me for sure is that if he were discharged and readmitted within the SAME day, it would not count as two visits. When I asked "what about if it's less than 24 hours or even less than 18 hours later cause they let him go home too soon?" She said she did not know. So I get to call back tomorrow. But this? THIS is money we REALLY don't have.

I am now going to finish what is sitting in front of me and currently passing for food, drink my Iced Coffee, and work on some stuff that has gone languishing due to various things eating my focus this week.

Hopefully he will come home, again, tomorrow. There is no telling until then however.
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The surgeon (the same one I had) says it went fine and could do it all laparascopically.

He is still in recovery and we are currently waiting in the room he will be in.

Thanks to all for the good thoughts and candles and wishes, etc.
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So will the rest of the week - right now at work it's not only month end, but year end for me.

And now we have a whole new twist to things that are trying to make my head explode - no matter how good they are.

My sweetie, [ profile] cruz531, finally got approved for and is having his Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery on Monday, January 5th. It will be at Summit Hospital in Oakland and he will have the same surgeon I had (which helps with his confidence and stress levels amazingly). It should be laparoscopic - but they will switch to open if it is necessary.

He has been doing really well with the pre-op diet and has visibly lost more weight (as well as trackably per the scale) and every little bit he loses is good as it increases the various positive outcomes of the surgery - starting with making it through. But this is not a diet that can be done long term without the help of a tool like the surgery - 600-800 calories a day, mostly liquids is crazy hard.

His procedure is scheduled for 1pm with check in at 10:30am. He could easily be in surgery until 7pm or longer. By the time he is out of both surgery and recovery and into a room it will be well past visiting hours, so trying to see him Monday may be difficult.

I HAVE to go to work Monday morning. No choice really - but I will be coming home to get him and take him to the hospital and will be at the hospital the whole time. His mother has indicated she wants to come and wait with me, but she has been very sick for a couple of weeks now with something she cannot shake and she really should NOT be at the hospital. And it will make me crazier and not be helpful to me.

Unlike when I was in for my surgery I do not think I will be sleeping at the hospital (like Cruz did) as my body just won't let me do that (and they may not let me do that). And I have to work as much as possible this week due to month & year end. But I will be there as much as I possibly can be.

I will be calling family once he is out of surgery and recovery and in a room. I will be posting when/where I can further details as I have them. Burning up my phone with calls may or may not be helpful - so please keep in mind that he will very likely may not be able to answer his phone and that I may not be at the hospital to have the most current update.

He should be released to come home by Thursday, unless he is super special like me and has some odd thing pop up on Thursday while trying to get ready to go home that makes them say "Uh no, you're staying one more day". We should be home Friday at the latest.

More info as I have it. Good thoughts, lit candles, best wishes for a speedy recovery, all are welcome.
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Five years ago today I married a wonderful, wonderful man.

In another 4 days we would have been together 9 years over all.

I still don't know why he even likes me or what he sees in me or why he puts up with me, but I am glad he does.

Happy Anniversary to my sweetie [ profile] cruz531!!!

Let's start planning that big party now so that we can have it later! Next year is 10 years together and 6 years married.... hhmmm....
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First a little background...

So I have some pretty f*cked up shoulders, the left worse than the right. Often it feels like the edges of both my Scapulas are on **FIRE** and I get sub-scapularis muscle spasms (which by virtue of being underneath my scapulas means they are not reachable for massage or other means of treatment so when they hurt I get to deal with it).

One of the few things that even remotely helps is topical lidoderm patches.

Today took one patch on each shoulder.

So, This morning when putting the patches on, [ profile] cruz531 said...

"These look like bandages from where your wings were cut off."

Say it with me now...

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So today at work I get a call from Cruz...

Call #1 Something came through the bottom of the car )

Call #2 Angle Iron??? )

Call #3 Call Waiting )

Call #4 Coming Home )

So here are photos... )
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Just to be clear - getting his app in yesterday only gets him into the group of people they will be building their eligibility list from. He is now eligible to become eligible, if that makes sense.

The Next Step is the written exam, which is this Sat 12/8 at 8am.

Their description of this test is as follows:
"A mulitple-choice written test weighted pass/fail, containing 100 to 150 items that may masure abilities such as reading comprehension, basic math, mechanical aptitude, the ability to work and live as part of a team and appropriately represent the City of Oakland and the Oakland Fire Department."

Uh yeah - sounds like Cruz in a nutshell. Once the written is out of the way then it onto the Oral Interviews, which are End of January/beginning of February.

Their descriptiong of this test is as follows:
"An oral examination weighted 100% measuring areas such as interpersonal skills, judgment, oral communication skills, the ability to get along with others, the ability to represent the City and the Oakland Fire Department, and the ability to follow oral instructions."

An eligibility list will be established after the oral exam. Candidates are then scheduled for the physical agility test (the physical agility test consists of nine exercises to be completed in a circuit fashion within a time frame of 17 minutes and 55 seconds - failing this removes your name from the eligible list), and a departmental interview with the OFD. After this is the background investigation and the "multi-phase performance trait assessment", and then there is still the medical screening.

I am not worried about the written test, he has spent the last 10 years actually USING the fracking algebra they made us all take in High School... basic math? Not a problem. The other stuff? Not a problem. I am not worried about the oral interview either. I am some worried about the physical agility test (but he is already figuring out what he can do to prepare for that), the background screen (which could be a problem, but apparently his dad the retired OFD dude check into this already and it may not be too much of an issue), and the medical screening (his vision is correctable to within the desired limits - it's the neck, knees and lungs I am worried about).

Yeah - this will definitely be, as mentioned before, a months long road. We're going to do our best, cause it would make him happy. And that is very important.
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Please keep your fingers crossed (and toes and eyes if you think it will help). This morning Cruz passed the first hurdle in his almost 20 year delayed desire to become an Oakland Fire Fighter. Almost 20 years ago he was all set to do the testing and join up but he was stupid and set himself up to let other things in his life derail it. This morning there was an open call for applications - they were only accepting the first 1,000 and Cruz is in that group. There is a months long road ahead, and his chances of getting in are so slim it's not funny, but he's cleared the first hurdle, and that is definitely something to cheer about.

If he makes it he would be a third generation Oakland Fire Fighter as his dad just retired this year (after roughly 30 years) and his grandfather also served (for about 20 years) - which means for that pretty much the last 50 to 55 years there has been a Cruz A. on the OFD. Perhaps this trend will continue.

Cruz got up at 2 this morning to ride his bike over to downtown to wait for 8am when they would start accepting apps. He got there about 3:30 and there were already FIVE different lines snaking away from the plaza. The estimates for totals are that they gave out 9,000 applications over the past few weeks and that roughly 3,000 people showed up, but they were only taking 1000 apps.

He called me at about 9am saying that they had finally started taking people in and had started with the first 10 from each line and that he was about 100 or 150 people back in his particular line. He followed this up with "I think this is going to take all day"...

20 minutes later he calls me with "I made it"

Apparently they came out and started randomly picking people out of the line and he was one of the ones picked. So he was home by about 11am.

A warm shower and a giant mug of hot cocoa later he was much restored. And wired, wow was he wired... all excited to have made it this far, and it being the first step.

We just got back from some errands, and he just fed the snake. It's nap time, thus the title of "Sleepy by time" and then we will be up much of the evening and night, and tomorrow doing house stuff, con stuff, and perhaps more errands.

So yeah, if you have a moment, please do spare a positive thought for Cruz in this process. As I mentioned before chances are beyond slim that he will make it onto the elligible list they will generate from this cattle call. But we just get to hope that his past is past enough and that he gets a chance to do this, as it has been his dream his entire life. Also, if this works out things will be changing as far as some of our commitments of our time. Just a nice early optimistic warning for you all.

Blessings and hugs to all. I am going to go snuggle up next to the heater... I mean Cruz.
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My user icon is from the morning of our wedding not quite 4 years ago (and about 150 pounds ago for me and about 35 pounds ago for Cruz). I was getting my manicure and Cruz came over and kissed my head.

This pic was taken last Tuesday, October 16, at lunch at Fentons in Oakland after his Grandmothers funeral. Not a bad pic actually. I need to get more now that I don't mind them being taken so much. Sadly Cruz appears to be almost incapable of taking a good picture of me.

Now that the 15 hour days are ceasing, I have gained 5 pounds (cause I am not burning so many calories just to keep going). But I am working on getting rid of it. Trying to get better with my water and such and stop snacking so much. Of course candy in a bowl on my desk at work does not help - I need to move that to somewhere else cause it's within arms reach now. I have decided that no matter how comfortable I am at 220, I really would like to get below 200 because I have never been below 200 as an adult. It is something completely unknown and new for me, something I can barely comprehend. So I need to get cracking on getting better with my food and need to do something, anything really, about exercise. Need to find time to get back to Curves.

I also need to get back on journaling this process. Just cause I have lost 75% of my excess weight, and am therefore considered a success, does not mean my journey is over. Just because I have moments of feeling "normal" - buying something off the rack from Old Navy, or the Disney Store - does not mean I AM normal. I am still an obese person, someone with a weight problem who needs to use the $100+K tool I have (yes I have seen all the bills for my surgery). Besides, who wants to be normal?? Normal is boring... :) I have never been normal, why start now? Why not continue down the road to being uniquely me, but with more energy and better clothes? That sounds MUCH more fun!

Something I have been saying to myself recently is "I may always be big, but I don't have to be fat". That's part of why I had the surgery. The "big" reference is not exactly in regards to my weight since I am 5'10", cause I will always be that height. But being 220 now is good, getting to 199 will be my next big goal. It's good to have goals.

I will try to get more pics up.

7/10/06 RNY with Gallbladder Removal
Dr. Ajay Upadhyay
Summit Medical Center, Oakland, CA
5'10" (376) 346/220/180
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Can someone grab this so we have a copy? I don't know how.

And then there is a video link to the right that says "Reporter Dana Howard Looks at Steel Supply Concerns" where they interviewed [ profile] cruz531.

I know we know a LOT of clever people, and even though they mis-spelled his last name we would LOVE to have a copy.

Please let me know soon cause they don't leave these things up very long.
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So - one thing that came up this weekend was something that has surfaced for [ profile] cruz531's Aunt AND uncle - apparently there is Peutz Jaegers Syndrome in the family. Uncle Frank has it (and has already had all the nasty bowel stuff - he had a colostomoy bag the first time I met him), and Aunt Judy has it which puts both Cousin Brandon and Cousin Patrik at a double risk of developing it cause it's genetic. And if Frank has it? Cruz could have it - and since Cruz has recently started having all kinds of unhappy intestinal stuff?

Very fucking scary - especially since there is next to nothing online about it that I can find. And NO I am not "symptom surfing" - I am hoping against hope that Cruz does NOT have something that is already diagnosed in part of his family.

If anyone out there has any links to information on it, please shoot it my way. We're probably gonna have to talk to his doctors about this.


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