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Again with the posting here because it will flow over to Facebook (I'll go there and tag people shortly).

Home from Dickens. A bit tired. But we spent 6-ish hours there walking around - my ankle held up pretty well and only really started hurting as we were leaving.

We got to see a bunch of friends and sadly there were a couple we did not manage to track down. But I was all full of nostalgia and found that I REALLY missed Dickens. It's been 14 years since I worked it (I still have my participants pass from 1995). It was fun, but bittersweet. Cruz was even making noises about how he though it might be fun to work it. So... we know TONS of people there so something tells me we could likely find SOMETHING to do! Any suggestions anyone? :)

We got to see Karsten at the Adventurers Club (who got us in - thank you VERY much!) and we gave him his own pan of fresh-baked-this-morning-and-still-slightly-warm Double Dark Chocolate Guinness Brownies as a thank you.

We got to see Kaellie and Rachel at Mad Sals and gave them cookies.

We got to see Rydel & Thalassa (in different places) and gave them cookies.

We got to see SallyRose and Drew at Dark Garden and gave them cookies.

We brought them all cookies because we were certain we'd find them (and the point was to get cookies OUT of the house and not bring them back home). If the rest of you feel shorted, I can try to make it up to you! :)

We also got to see Meg at the Puzzle Ring Shop, Remington at Fezziwigs, Steve at The Adventurers Club (did not have a chance to say hi, but we exchanged waves), z! in the street, Dearbhail/Jennifer at the Dicken Parlor (OMG I ***LOVE*** her dress) AND in the Dark Garden window, and while I saw Robert, he was very busy being Mr. Dickens and so I did not want to interrupt him.

In no particular order we also ran into:
Schyler and his friends.
Diana and the Woozles (yay for hugs from God-children!)
Sarah Goodman
Patrick White

And I saw tons of people I recognized from years of doing Faire (both Northern Ren and Dickens WAAAY back when).

Sally got Cruz and I into corsets, OMG Cruz is TINY! He was wearing one that laces down to a 25" waist (yes I have pictures) and he got pics of me in the one I tried on. And I got my hair braided (more pictures). We had Steak & Mushroom pies for lunch (YUMMY) and sat and watched some belly dancing. And I kept feeling bittersweet. And did I mention I missed it? Terribly? Yeah, thought so...

**EDIT** I am reposting now that I have reconnected FB & LJ... GRRR, but it appears to not actually flow to my "notes" any more. THAT is gonna piss me off if true.
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Wow - super low energy day.  We got pretty much nothing done we were supposed to.

But two batches of cookies got made since I felt the need to bake, even though there is no one to derive joy from them.

Cruz is sick again - so he's not enjoying much of anything right now.

Anyways, the cookies are not that good anyways and I would be extremely hesitant to inflict them on anyone  - there would be no joy  - and they have affirmed that me baking from scratch is VERY much the best way to go. These two were not from scratch - one was an "add eggs and oil" and one was a "scoop and bake".

Uh yeah - I make better cookies than these. These...... are NOT up to my standards. I even seriously considering throwing them out for a short time. But I finally reached the conclusion that tossing them would be more disrespectful of the time to bake them than the time wasted baking them. If that makes sense.

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So tonight has resulted in...
Hazelnut & Butterscotch Chip

White Chocolate Chip & Macadamia

Chocolate Caramel Swirl Chip

Mint Chip in Special Dark Cookie

Double Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies - These have Extra Dark Chips (60% cacao) in Special Dark Cookie (45% cacao)

I have run out of tubs to put cookies in. I think we are done baking cookies.
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Cruz noticed that this particular cookie matches my tattoo...

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The Hamentaschen are happening...

Cruz found a jar of Pomegranate jelly in the fridge, and had some sugar free Apricot and Strawberry. And some thick chocolate sauce. And we now have Hamentaschen in all 4 flavors. Though the chocolate ones went all volcano on us...

The snickerdoodles are also done - we double dipped them in the cinnamon sugar mixture and they are all cake-like yummy. I may have to make more.

I am pretty certain that even more cookies will happen this week - I never used the butterscotch chips.....    mmmmmm......

EDIT - apparently no strawberry...
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The Lemon Poppyseed fridge cookies are sliced and baked, they were a pain but they are done.

The Alton Brown Ginger cookies are done. They are like chewey ginger snaps with chunks of candied ginger. However the cookie itself is lacking quite a bit of bite, so if I make them again I will put a LOT more ground ginger in them. I know this is all sacriledge to those of you who worship at the altar of AB - get over yourselves.

The Macadamia Coconut clouds could not be sliced and baked - as they simply fell apart as if they had never been chilled. So I had to roll them out and use a cookie cutter. ARGH. But they are done.

The Hamentaschen are pending Cruz figuring out the filing.

Today the following cookies also occurred:

Special Dark Chocolate Chip (no nuts)
Hersheys Kissable Cookies
Oatmeal Raisin Cinnamon Chip
Special Dark Cookie with Peanut Butter Chips
Peanut Butter with Heath Toffee Bits

The Snickerdoodles got started and are chilling.

Tomorrow Cruz will inventory the cookies and we will see what else we need to make.

Likely candidates include:
Special Dark Cookie with Extra Dark Chips - and possibly Extra Dark AND White chips - Possible Triple Chocolate (it's up in the air)
Finishing the snickerdoodles (rolling in sugar and baking), as some of the guys are work requested non-chocolate cookies of all things.

I have TONS of stuff left to bake if I wish. We'll see what I get done.
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There are roughly 3 dozen Peanut Blossom Cookies (sugar rolled peanut butter cookies with hershey's kisses in the tops) on top of my stove. They get to sit until the morning so that the chocolate relearns how to hold a "kiss" shape - they are still "ALL melty and not SOME metly"... And we might make some other variations with special dark kisses... Hmmm....

There are FOUR different types of dough sitting in the fridge waiting for the morrow when they will be sliced and baked and become:
1. Alton Browns Ginger Cookies
2. Lemon Poppyseed Cookies
3. Macadamia Coconut Clouds
4. Hamentaschen

There are PILES and PILES of bags of chips and SCHTUFF to put in cookies on my kitchen table (butterscotch chips, special dark chips, peanut butter chips, mint chips, white choc chips, cinnamon chips, heath bar bits including chocolate, heath bar bits not including chocolate - and it goes on and on). There will be MORE and MORE cookies tomorrow  - many with chips, and some macaroons if Cruz feels adventurous after figuring out what to put IN the Hamentaschen.

And then I get to give them away, mostly to my co-irkers. All in all I need to make upwards of TWENTY DOZEN cookies.

We watched POTC:COTBP and POTC:DMC today and will watch POTC:AWE tomorrow. And also likely HP:OOP.

And I still have metric buttloads of con shit to do, and holiday cards to get done, and, and, and, and... And wow... Gonna go to bed shortly and sleep through feeling all overloaded. :)
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So - something I started doing two years ago was baking cookies and giving them to the guys who work out in the freezing cold in the Boat yard I work at. I give each of them 6 cookies - and considering there have been 24 people to make cookies for that means baking at least 12 dozen cookies. It actually means baking more cause I cannot always remember which baking sheets always burn the cookies without parchment paper, or which ones are sideways, or even to reset the timer, and I end up having overdone ones that go to Cruz. Yeah, he HATES that.

This year I am baking extra cause I want to give some folks in the Alameda yard cookies. Tonight I got about 10 dozen cookies done (5 dozen chocolate chip and 5 dozen Heath Bar bits). I need to make at least another 10 dozen.

I need to do some double chocolate ones tomorrow - and I have an EVIL plan. I like to make "reverse" chip cookies - you know where the cookie is chocolate and it has white chips? Well - when you add macadamias to those they get really yummy.... However, my evil plan is to use teh Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder to make the cookies chocolate and to use the Hersheys add in mix of Special Dark chips and Macadamias...... awwww yeah baby.....

And then I get to take the goodie bags I got at Michaels and bag up multiple half-dozens of cookies. And give them out on Friday when the boys get their paychecks.

I just thought I would post something random and not health related for once.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy solstice - I know ours isn't so I am hoping that someone we know gets our share this year.


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