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Today is made of Fail.

fuck, Fuck, Fuckity, FUCK

no Details now, possibly no details later.... but FUCK.

Everything, and I mean everything just took several steps towards KABLOOEY! And yet, at the same time some things could get better once this is all past.

Yes I am being cryptic. Deal.
No I will not put specifics here. Deal.
No this post is not friends locked for various reasons. No one is a special snowflake right now.

And if you either...

A. think that this is about you, or

B. think you know what this is about without me having told you personally TODAY, or

C. think you have some right to any more information than is already here

You need to apply the following:

1. Stop
2. Back the fuck up off of it
3. Get over yourself. PERIOD.
4. Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 as needed.

This is my journal. I can vent if I want to, about whatever I want to, with or without as much detail as I care to put here. Those who need to know will be given the appropriate information in as timely a fashion as I have time or inclination for.

If you cannot accept that something is bugging me that I do not care to share in any more or less detail than I have already put out there, then maybe you need to not be reading this. I DO NOT CARE.

Again, I say FUCK.

If there is anything to share, or if a decision is made to share, it will be with the appropriate parties. And NOT everyone is an "appropriate party".

And if you DO know for certain what this is about, please keep it to yourself. It is not your business to share.


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