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Back in '92 when I got back into Ren Faire after a medicaly mandated break (that's it's OWN story) I discovered a wonderful percussion instrument called bones (and for those of you who know who my step-parents are I am sure you are probably as bemused as I am how I managed to miss that these existed).

Anyways, I loved them immediately and bought a pair in rosewood. Over the next couple of years my collection grew and I added three more pairs to the first, one in purple heartwood, one in lacewood, and one in ebony. I still have all four pairs, but I have always wanted a pair in real bone.

Today, after 15+ years of waiting, my bone "bones" arrived. And they are BEAUTIFUL!!!

I am now the owner of a pair of Black Barts Bones. 7" long and shiny and lovely looking AND sounding. OMG.... SOOOO lovely.

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So I actually let myself have a 3 day weekend. I was going to go into work to work on paperwork for month end but didn't (and fussed about it in my head all weekend too). I got to spend three days with my sweetie shopping and running errands (we went and checked out the remodeled Emeryville Ikea among other things).

And today I got the soundtrack to Bones! WHEE! Happy butt dance! And it has not only Susan Enan's song "Bring on the Wonder" but several others that I like a lot from the series. Season 4 starts in a week and Season 3 isn't out on DVD until 11/18 (ARGH). I hates waiting.

And I am already mostly done with month end at work - it's just down to my boss reviewing the accrual and approving it and then waiting a day or two for the mail to come in so I can get the right bills posted in the right month before I closed it.

Oh and [ profile] bearmum - happy early birthday. I have a prezzie for you!


Aug. 21st, 2008 10:01 pm
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I now have Seasons 1 AND 2 on DVD. AND, sad to say, I got each season for $19.99 at Costco.

I loveses Bones I does.

Oh, and Season 3 is coming out on Nov 18th. CAN-NOT WAIT!!!!

OK - bed time soon.


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