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To [ profile] jauncourt!

My amazing, brilliant, and wonderful little sister.

I love you to bits! See you tomorrow! YAY!
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to [ profile] wynkat1313!!!

I have your prezzie and I will try to bring it by tonight.
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To [ profile] cruz531 I am every grateful that you are in my life. I am sorry you had to work today when I had it off, but I am about to leave the house to kidnap you from work so we can go shopping, grab lunch, come home and take a nap, go get dinner and see a movie. Cause DAMNIT it's your BIRTHDAY!!!
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Hippo Birdies [ profile] songcoyote

I hope you and Mo are doing Fantastic!
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Hippo Birdies to [ profile] archangelkhaos

I hope it is wonderful, I just cannot get down there this evening. Let me know how the movie is, we're planning on catching it soon.
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To [ profile] buttler!!! Happiest of Birthdays my dear!

You know what? I found one of those postcards you sent us from Europe in the early '90's when D & F were still living at the Windmill. Kinda neat.

I am very glad we're still friends, and even gladder that you found someone that makes you so happy, I could not have wished for more for you.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] wynkat1313!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bang the drum and sound the horn!


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