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Ok - so my birfday is a month away. No concrete plans yet other than my birthday is a Thursday, and the Saturday and Sunday are hosed with convention meetings, so I am planning on taking Thursday and Friday off. My brother and sis-in-law may have spring break that week so I may get them for my birthday.

And do you know what Friday that is?

It's Friday, April THIRTEENTH!!!

So yea, Friday the 13th of April is MINE. Whatever we do for my birthday will be that evening. Be prepared. You are all forewarned.

Another reason I am claiming that Friday? Cause next year is a leap year so my birthday skips being on Friday and goes straight to Saturday. SO - NEXT YEAR Saturday the 12th will be a BIG party! More forwarning!

Now I just have to figure out what to do and where to do it. Sometimes I HATE living in such a tiny place.

More info here as I figure it out. As usual I wanna DO something, just no idea what.
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Ok peeps!! Tomorrow is my birthday and [ profile] cruz531 and I are going to dinner at Pasta Pomodoro in El Cerrito. [ profile] countgeiger and my mom [ profile] linda_muireall are joining us. For those of you that missed the great brownie bash last Saturday - does anyone else wish to join us?? Speak up here (you pay for your own food - but the company could be fun). I know it's very last minute and won't be hurt at all if none of you can make it.

Now - you may ask "Why Pasta Pomodoro of *all* places?"

Good question! It's because they have a supah yummy dish that I lovelovelove called "Brasato" it's this lovely braised beef that is generally served with pasta shells in gorgonzola sauce. This used to be on the regular menu and but they have changed to a seasonal special only during February and March. This means that I almost never get to eat one of my favorite things. ***much sadness***

"AHAH!" You say - "but it's April and NOT February or March!!!!!" Yes, yes it is. But my beloved, whilst calling around on Monday to see if any PP's in the area still had it available, found out the crucial information about WHEN it is available, and also found that the manager at the El Cerrito PP places his orders for Wednesdays on Mondays and that he was willing to try to get it for this Wednesday.

My beloved just called me and told me that Ernesto - the wonderful manager dude - WILL have Brasato tomorrow!!!

MUCH happiness. **happy butt dance**

So - anyone interested in joining us? Please let us know.

Location: Pasta Pomodoro, 5040 El Cerrito Plaza BART Station, #E1
Time: 7pm
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OK - this post is not to say that anyone *has* to get me anything for my birthday (which is next Wednesday), but that if anyone *wants* to, here's a link to some stuff I like.

OK - done now.

Birthday fu

Apr. 4th, 2006 10:51 pm
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So - next week I turn 36. I want to do something for my birthday, and was even in the middle of plans for this, but those fell through. And now it's a week and well... argh. I will have an out of town friend as a house guest this weekend and we are talking about going to a movie and then finding a Coldstone. But I still want to do *something*...

I know - I post something like this every year. *sigh*

I just never seem to be able to get anything together for this, and neither does anyone around me on my behalf, for the most part.

My place isn't big enough to sneeze in, let alone have guests or any kind of party. And I am SO tired of imposing on friends who happen to have a large living room. Last year we had a large group go to Fondue Freds - which was fun. But MAN - I wanna DO something.

Argh..... Any suggestions? Especially for things that can be 1. pulled together quickly and 2. done so the week before easter when everything is booked?


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