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Still recovering from BayCon. May or may not post more at some point in the future.

This year was the year of fabulous nightly costume changes for me and I was so busy with one thing and another that I myself did not get any pictures of any of my costumes. But I know people out there DID. So if you got a picture of me please let me know so I can get copies - I know Richard Man got pics of me Saturday and Sunday nights but I don't have his email. I know a bunch of shots got taken of me Friday night but I don't recall by who.

Friday evening I was in my Klingon garb sans headpiece (10 year old latex doesn't like it when you try to brush out the wig) - black and silver velvet.
Saturday evening I was in pseudo victorian/steam punk: black satin bustle skirt with black leather corset and crazy black and silver pony-fall.
Sunday evening I was in pseudo bellydance/middle eastern: all black with silver accents body stocking, bodice, skirts, belt, turban/head wrap and upper arm cuffs.

This is the first time since I have lost 150 pounds that I have dressed up so I would REALLY like pictures. I almost cannot put into words how important this is to me.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide. This has been crossposted to the baycon LJ.

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BayCon 2007
25th Anniversary
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Hey there - does anyone here know anyone who knows Ruby on Rails and would be willing to do some web site updates and creation on a volunteer basis?

I don't expect a response - but if I don't ask I won't find out for certain.
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So last weekend was the second trip in slightly over a month down to LALA land. First time was for [ profile] arianrhodstorm's birfday, this time it was for LosCon )
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Hello everyone, I am very happy to announce that BayCon 2007 has secured the following Guests of Honor:

Science Fiction Author Guest of Honor: Alan Dean Foster

Fantasy Author Guest of Honor: Diana L. Paxson

Fan Guest of Honor: Linda "Kitty" VonBraskat-Crowe
No Web site

Toastmistress: Seanan McGuire

We are actively working on securing our Artist Guest of Honor and will announce who that is as soon as we can.

Many thanks for all you patience as we worked on these excellent guests!

Baycon 2007
High Chancellor and Klingon ChairBabe
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So I officially turned down the concert slot offered to me at BayCon this year. Even if it hadn't been scheduled on top of two other things I had on my plate (showing Serenity on the wall of the hotel and a private party I have to at least make an appearance at), I have no time to assemble material or rehearse or find a musician or two who is not as over committed as I am and try to make our schedules mesh. Even though I consider myself a singer first and foremost before everything else in my life - perhaps this was just not meant to be. I am sad that I finally get this opportunity and cannot take it. I will be at the Cynthia McQuillin Memorial on Saturday afternoon and will hopefully be able to sing then. I am fairly certain I will have the time between now and the con to rehearse the two songs I would like to sing then. Anything more than that I just cannot see having the time for with everything else going on.

Perhaps next year I can do a concert. I really want to do it - but I don't want to be unprepared.

Gonna go be sad now...

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Hello everyone!!

Calling all Centauri, Minbari, Rangers, Earth Force, and other Friendly (and possibly not so friendly or neutral) species!!!

As Vice Chair of BayCon 2006, it is my pleasure to announce that we have confirmed Stephen Furst (Vir Cotto from Babylon5) as our Special Guest this year. You may also know him as Kent "Flounder" Dorfman from Animal House and some of his many other excellent films and televison appearances.

Of particular interest is that Stephen has agreed to be a judge at the "Bablyon 5 Ambassadorial Ball" (also known as the Masquerade) on Saturday evening and there are rumors of a "Most Thematically Appropriate" award.

Here is the link to his IMDB page:

Here is the link to his official web page:

Feel free to copy this over to whatever Babylon5 or costuming lists you feel should see it (it has already been cross-posted to my personal LJ as well as [ profile] b5costumes and [ profile] bayconcostumers).

We would LOVE to see all the wonderful Babylon5 costumes that have come through BayCon over the past few years come and be presented in the Masquerade this year!

We look forward to seeing you at BayCon 2006 - "Tales of Purple Space"


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