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I am wondering cause we have at least one set, if not two sets, of gently used sheets in king size from when Cruz had a king size water bed. They were both brand new shortly before he moved into my place, where there is NO chance of a King sized bed fitting (like EVER).

So if anyone has a king sized bed and would like at least one set of sheets please speak up - they have both been washed as of today in scent free and dye free detergent w/ no fabric softener.

First Set: Confirmed King Size via tag on sheet. Bottom sheet is multi-colored in jewel tones green/gold/purple/blue, top sheet is blue w/ gold trim at the top edge, and the pillow cases match the top sheet.

Second Set: I have to double check the sizing, but I am pretty certain it's king sized too. Bottom sheet is cream/white with hunter green & burgundy plaid striping (NOT spaced close together, actually kinda far apart), and the top sheet is hunter green as are the pillow cases (I have to figure out which two of the multiple green pillow cases we have are the right two).

If no one wants them no worries, they'll be kept as fabric - I even have tentative plans for some of it. But I figured I would say something here.

EDIT: Sheets are at their new home. YAY!!
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